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Human eye transmits data to brain at Ethernet speed


Well-Known Member

Eye transmits to brain at ethernet speed

Researchers estimate retina transmits data at 10 million bits per second

By Ker Than
Staff Writer

Updated: 10:32 a.m. PT July 28, 2006

Using a retina from the eye of guinea pigs as a model, scientists estimate that our eyes transmit visual information to our brains at about the same rate as an Ethernet connection.

The finding is detailed in the July issue of the journal Current Biology.

The guinea pig retina was placed in a dish and made to "watch" movies containing four types of biological motion, such as a salamander swimming in a tank of water. Electrodes measured the electrical spikes emitted by ganglion cells in response to the clips.


The researchers calculate that the 100,000 ganglion cells in a guinea pig retina transmit roughly 875,000 bits of information per second. The human retina contains about 10 times more ganglion cells than that of guinea pigs, so it would transmit data at roughly 10 million bits per second, the researchers estimate.

This is comparable to an Ethernet connection, which transmits information between computers at speeds of 10 million to 100 million bits per second.
Click on link for complete article.


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Concudan said:
Some people obviously have limited band width!

Also, what about the 10 percent of the population that is color blind? Do they transmit less information per second? :icon_huh:


Still Chargin
Staff member
WonderSlug said:

Also, what about the 10 percent of the population that is color blind? Do they transmit less information per second? :icon_huh:
Or more being that there is less information needed in a grayscale image than a color one.


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And the eye is a muscle, and it can get stronger.

One way that Baseball players work on that is to mark tennis balls with numbers. Those numbers are in 2 separate colors.

Now then I forget the Player (maybe it was Kenny Lofton) but they load those balls up in that cannon they have for practice. It shoots the tennis ball out at about 100MPH. Now these players as they stand in the batters box, are supposed to pick that ball up, get the number that is on the ball, say it, and say the color that it was written in.

Now this player, and the end of the bucket that he was using, the coach that was helping him noticed that all the “red” number balls were down by the batters box, and all the “blue” colored balls were down by the cannon.

I know I can’t process information that fast.