HeroQuest is BACK!!


Lone Wolf
Apr 10, 2010
Im not sure how I found out only today that Hasbro got the rights to HeroQuest back last year and with a crowdsource fund aiming for 1 million they got 3.8 and now available for only 20 bucks more than its original 1989 release. Guess board games dont have as bad of a hit due to inflation.

The price is 129.00 and is available at gamestop and bestbuy that ive seen so far. Im so broke right now and also kinda hard to play a board game that requires at minimum 2 players. But once i can burn 130 on a board game i will its that good of a game. Ill worry about fining people to play with later.

its 125.99 my bad. Also available at Target.

Oh and its likely that the 3 expansions that came out for it back in the day will also see a rerelease. And people have made their own new content for the game for decades now. I even found sites that offered the blueprints to 3d print the game pieces and figures. And Hasbro did release a App that can do the job of dungeon master so technically i could play it solo. Hasbro is also selling separately for 14.99 a couple new character classes like Knight. And the knight comes in a male or female figureine. Aparently the game creator is a known gay hater and hasbro has the game rights now and hes not at all included now. Kinda cool. I wish more videogames would give me the option of playing a male or female protagonist.

Id prob play through metal gear solid with a female snake. Could be cool like instead of snakes cigar she could use a lipstick. And instead of a cardboard box she could have a red dress that distracted guards.

OK enough derailing my own thread on the first post!!!

If you played this gem back in the 90s you will know its well worth every penny. Id prob spend more on custom piece holding containers. They come in a plastic tray that slides out of a sleeve cover. Id rather see a wood box the same size as the other so the box could still be used to hold the game pieces might add some weight but again its worth it, especcialy if you paint your figures. Ive seen some painted minis and they get pretty good on the amount of detail and color.

if they could make a video game version that is identical to playing in person that would be awesome. but the ability to make new characters and classes and quests is pretty awesome considering its not that hard beyond giving a class a starting point for gear and stats based off the original 4 classes.

Jus throwin it out there for a perfect christmas present.