Herald.com: Q&A with Junior Seau

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Jun 20, 2005
Chula Vista, CA

Out for the year for the second consecutive season, Seau plans to play again in 2006, although not necessarily with the Dolphins. He talked this past week with Herald sportswriter Armando Salguero about how the Achilles' injury affected him and what his plans are:

Q: Do you see yourself as a Dolphin next year?

A: ``I see myself as part of the National Football League. There no sense in getting into the hypothetical and guessing what's going to happen. We have six weeks left in this season and that's to my favor in terms of being prepared for next year. Where that will be, we'll see.''

• • •

Q: Have you told Coach Saban your desire to come back and play next year?

A: ``Coach Saban has more problems than worrying about me. That's something that we'll cross later down the road. We've got six games left in the season and we have 53 other players here. His concern is more with them, and rightfully so.''

• • •

Q: Can you put a percentage on how healthy you were the last few weeks when you played with your injury?

A: ``I was healthy the first two games, and then obviously after the Jets game [Sept. 18], going into Carolina [Sept. 25] I was probably 75 percent, and it started declining since then. We took a three-week hiatus during the course of the year, thinking that would help. It helped for a time, but it really didn't heal the injury. It just gave me a Band-Aid.''

• • •

Q: Was there a risk of rupturing the Achilles' every time you stepped on the field the last three weeks.

A: 'There was always that gamble. It was a risk and with the second opinion of going to [Dr. James] Andrews in Alabama he told me it was simple. He said, `It's simple: You can rest it for two months, or you can play with it and risk rupturing it.' In this game, we do not have the luxury to allow things to heal for more the two or three weeks. . . . It's going to heal.''

• • •

Q: How discouraging is it that you're ending a second-consecutive season on the injured reserve list?

A: ``It's football. You look at the injury report and you have a lot of guys on injured reserve. It's not a matter of specifically the age. Does that help? No, it doesn't help, but at the same time you can't blame it just on that. Football is a hard sport, and you're out there banging on each other. Persevering through the injuries is a key factor in being able to stay in the game and being effective in the game. That's something I can do.''

• • •

Q: Does this injury encourage or discourage you for next year?

A: ``I was playing with one leg for seven weeks against the best of the best. Knowing that I can have two legs next year, yes, it's definitely something I look forward to. I'm looking forward to next year. . . . Is it discouraging not being part of it [this year]? It always is [discouraging] when you have something taken from you that you love.''