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Happy 6,000 Wabbit!!!


Well-Known Member
Kinda surprised she DIDN'T do it!!:icon_eek: :icon_shrug: :icon_huh: :icon_confused: :unsure:

:icon_mrgreen: :icon_rofl:
keep up the great work.

:icon_mrgreen: :tup: :yes: I will make sure Elmer Fud has Turtle soup before he takes aim at our Thumper he is our wrabbit not his wrabbit for dinner.:yes: :tup: :icon_mrgreen:
Move over Trix rabbit there is a new trix wrabbit in town and he does not just know how to get the trix he has the tricks to prove it that he has all the trix.

Time to get 12,000 and beyond.


Well-Known Member
turbo_turtle said:
Ok What I should have said that the Cereal Trix rabbit move over not just the move over Trix rabbit and I apologize for the misunderstanding and I am sorry.:tup:
I was just kiddin ya, TT. I knew what it meant all along.:icon_mrgreen:

"Huh?" is T Humps's favorite post-padding statement. :yes:

You are almost at 500, dude, then your rep power should go up a point...:bolt: