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Green Bay vs. San Diego Game Balls thread, part deux.


Still Chargin
Staff member
The "Official" Chargers vs. Packers Game Ball Thread!

O.k. guys who has earned your three game balls and why?

1) Philip Rivers!!
he showed poise, had some good throws. More importantly he started laying some of my worries from last year to rest!:tup: :tup:

2) M3!
Big guy! Man Mountain Manu got a bad rap in St. Louis for his inability to make catches. I was worried he would tip off run plays because he would be a blocker, an extra lineman if you will. he showed last night he can be a weapon, and a load to bring down. heck, lets see him on a reverse or a running play now.. :tup:

3) VJ!
This kid is going to be special. Special I tell you!


Carpe Diem et omni Mundio
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The "Official" Chargers vs. Packers Game Ball Thread!

Since Conc and the majority of people will give them to the big players, I'm going to give out four game balls to guys who deserve them but without hte big recognition

1. Ryan Krause
Almost always injured but he came to play with some big catches from all three QBs. If he can stay healthy the kid has some incredible talent
2. Tim Dobbins
He just ran over the right tackle to sack the QB. He's going to be something special and he reminded me SOOO much of a Shawne Merriman
3. Kurt Smith
Two kickoffs and both were in the endzone. It'll be a tough call if he can make it on the team but his kickoffs are higher and deeper then Kaedings are
4. Antonio Cromartie
For that unbelieveable interception he made. He got beat in the first quarter but that interception was incredible
The "Official" Chargers vs. Packers Game Ball Thread!

Thumper's game BALLS!

1) River's - He played with confidence and made the correct reads. He put the ball where our guy would get it, or nobody would get it. I liked his decision making.

2) Ryan Krause - This kid was making play after play from all 3 QBs. He might just get a roster spot.

3) Stephen Cooper - Got significant playing time and used it well. Sack on Favre. Shows our defensive depth s fantastic.


Well-Known Member
The "Official" Chargers vs. Packers Game Ball Thread!

1) PR - Foutsian in his command of the offense, excellent recognition and took what the defense gave him. Very nice touch on the fades to VJ (both TD's). I'm anxious to see him against the Bears defense.

2) VJ - TO like skills. Showed supreme confidence and toughness going against a very good pass defense. The Packer corners play tough press defense and VJ was a nightmare mismatch. Great concentration and hands. The kid could have a Larry Johnson type year if he continues to progress.

3) Defensive line - DLineman allowing LB's to make plays all night. Jamal was a beast. Castillo was animal like. Igor was a monster.


Well-Known Member
The "Official" Chargers vs. Packers Game Ball Thread!

Concudan said:
For those of us in other states, or countries... Indulge us and elaborate please.
1.) Rivers - 15 of 21 for 169 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, and a 111 QB rating. Gets the ball out quickly and commandingly. Never seemed to flinch or wilt under pressure last night. On the long TD drive (Michael Turner's run), that play, he told Manu where to go and whom to block. End result was Turner springing through a hole on the right side (Manu's side) for the TD.

2.) Jackson - the guy is a freaking nearly uncoverable beast. The only way to prevent him from making the catch is for a CB to drape all over him like a kitchen magnet, drawing a penalty. He also made several catches over the middle as Rivers' dump-off guy and took some hits that didn't seem to phase him. He got up with a look like "That's all you got?"

3.) Krause - 6 catches for 64 yards. He had a pretty good game and may end up winning the #3 TE spot from Shea who didn't even play I think.


Well-Known Member
The "Official" Chargers vs. Packers Game Ball Thread!

WonderSlug said:
My 3 game balls:

1.) Rivers
2.) Jackson
3.) Krause
Same for me, in that order.

Honorable mention:

Bingham (looked good and controlled the LOS)
Wilhelm + Cooper + Dobbins. The future looks good at ILB.

Not impressed:

Osgood. Still a stud on ST's but the dude still gets zero seperation and does not use his size to his advantage receiving.

Curry. Looked like Sammy Davis reincarnate.

McCree. Invisible except for the fumble runback that didn't count against the scrubs.

Feeley + Whitehurst. Charlie gets a pass. He is right way he should be. We need help at QB beyond Rivers for this season. Keep an eye on the Jets. They have 4 viable QB's in their roster.


Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern 2016
You know my friend and I name our balls we have in our football "office". We have 4 of them combined their names are:

The Professor
Big Ben
Stop 'n' Go

fugg I am forgetting the 4th :icon_rofl:


Well-Known Member
I was stone cold sober for this games evaluation which means I did not have my customary 18 pack before entering the game. I had a total of 2 beers and one mimosa before kickoff and drank more cokes than anything so anyone who has tailgated knows that in 7 hours, that ain't **** for partying.

Here are my game balls.

1. Philip Rivers -

Rivers ring rust and lack of footwork was no where to be seen. The dude was poised and confident and when the protection broke down, he bought time ands stayed cool and did not panic. No happy feet to be seen. His first pass and second passes to VJ were a thing of beauty that I ribbed SDRon about. He agreed they were as sweet of a pass that anyone could throw.

There was one ball which sailed on Rivers and that was to Osgood. The rest of the passes were thrown in areas where the receiver ONLY could get the ball. That is a special gift folks and every pass was dead nuts in stride.

Props go to Cam Cameron for allowing Rivers to open the game with a majority of pass plays and spreading the ball around. Watching "Mama" run with that ball was hilarious. He is basically a tackle eligible and watching that lumbering stride was gut busting.

2.) Tim Dobbins -

This dude is a freaking animal. He hand punched the GB left tackle and sat him down on his assss.....and got a sack. It was reminiscent of Merrimans blast on Trent Green and how he lit up their left tackle. The whole linebacking corp was awesome. Everyone was juiced and damn is that group fast.

3.) Kurt Smith -

He put the ball in the endzone one and two yards deep a couple of times in the game on kickoffs. This guy is a weapon and one hell of a find if he can stay consistent and does not end up being another wide right Ritchey.

*Honorable mention goes to Ryan Krause

I did not give this kid a snowballs chance in hell to make the team this year and practice squad is not an option since he was drafted and is a partially vested veteran...... Time will tell.


Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern 2016
leisure said:
Ya I think Dobbins was great as well. I remember on draft day when AJ drafted him and I said YIPPIE and then a poster accused me of never seeing him before :icon_eek:

I think it was Rmancil :yes:
Dobbins > The crappy dude from Alabama ....... oh yeah DeMeco Ryans


Well-Known Member
1. PR
2. LB Coach Greg Manusky (he's trained up a stable of studs)
3. That cute blond sideline reporter. We need full body shots of her.


Well-Known Member
1) Rivers - Awesome
2) J-Ball - Monster
3) Stacie the cheerleader - Because when she smiles it looks like she's smiling right at me


Carpe Diem et omni Mundio
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Super Moderator
MadMike said:
J-Ball is what the other D-line guys call Jamal Williams.
i did not know that; thanks

btw if anyone from BT is going to give Jaime children, shouldn't that fall onto the sex symbol's job? :yes: