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Staff member
Jun 20, 2005
Chula Vista, CA
My annual FF league draft was held this past weekend. What do you guys think of this line up?

QB - Drew Brees, Kyle Boller
RB - Willis Mcgahee, Warrick Dunn, Rueben Droughns
WR - Drew Bennett, Lavernues Coles, Jimmy Smith
TE - Antonio Gates, Chris Cooley
K - Adam Vinatieri, Mike Nugent
Def - Ravens, Bengals

We play:
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 K


Aug 8, 2005
Well you only have one stong RB and your WR's are weak. Other than that your team is strong. Like Brees and Gates and Ravens "D" and Adam Vinatieri is very solid. You might want to help your RB's out they are pretty weak. Bennet should have a good year because he is the number 1 WR. Jimmy Smith is getting old. Coles i'm just not sure of at this point.


Sep 19, 2005
Overall Grade: "C+" at best. Don't expect bragging

Yo Ray,

This is how I see your team matching up in a normal 6-8 man Fantasy football pool.

QB is not as strong as others in the AFC prob. 5th or 6th. Not as strong as others even in the division. With the Pass blocking in SD. Very questionable pick, hope you didnt get him early. Kyle Boller is injured so your backup wont even get a start until around week 6 or 7. Another bad move.

Overall Grade C-

RB are pretty decent. McGahee should prove critics worng this years and be in the top 10 rushing in the AFc. Good early pickup maybe 3rd or 4th round pick. Warrack Dunn is a nice pick up, expect dividends since Vick will be more of a pocket passer this eason with Dunn doing much of the running for the Falcons. Ruben Drough's not a great pickup maybe 800 yards total offense this season, he is not the starter in Denver anymore.
The are employing a running back by committee.

Overall Grade B+

WR are terrbile. You have no number 1. Just three 2nd place recievers, This is the worst moves for your team.

Overall Grade F

TE, you got either the best or 2nd best tight end in the NFL. GREAT move probably the best move in your draft. Antonio Gates will be the recipient of many touch passes from Drew Brees. Count on a 1000 yards and 8-10 TD's from Gates if he stays healthy.

Overall Grade A+

K - Best kicker in the game Lights out.

Overall Grade A+

Baltimore is not the same defensive jaggaurnaut they used to be, with Ray Lewis only playing at 60-80% count on the secondary to de tested week in and week out. Atop that how good can a defense be if they spend 80% of the game on the field. The Raven offense is a nightmare. Bad choice this season. Bengals defense is sured up by some of the best CB in the AFC. The Bengals offense is scoring alot of points and the Cincinnati secondary has 5 picks at weeks end. Since they play in the AFC north division you should start them 9-12 times this year against weaker offenses like Tenn, Baltimore, and even NY Jets.

Overall Grade B-

I hope your not expecting bragging right this year, with more qualified position players, and a more reliable QB, and RB you may find yourself on the bottom of the pack this year. But had you can always blame your draft stratagy on a re-building year. LOL Goold Luck Charger Ray.

Your Draft overall score: ---> C+ at best.

Bengal Fan out---