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Good Game Chargers.........from Rhew Churyll

I honestly thought we were going to see another blow-out performance against the Chargers.

Man...phew was I wrong.

"New Blood Rivers" looked rattled right from the start, but along the way he was able to pull his head back into the game and pick up some good reads on our Defense.

Seahawks D was over aggressive and River's exploited them on numerous occasions.

Shawn Merriman....WHOOOBOY!!! That boy is freaking Superman incarnate!!!

I don't think the Chargers have to worry about anything of LT wants to take a break, they have plenty of depth at RB (Ray Perkins..little **** is elusive!!) and the backup oline for the Bolts gives both QB and RB plenty of times to make a play.

I had more I wanted to say (but I'm at work ehh)

It was a great game for the Chargers and a great bounce back for them. I'll see you all on the 24th of December.


Rhew Churyll member of Seahawkshuddle.com

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Betrayed Bolt Supporter
Welcome to this message board Rhew, stop back by anytime! :tup:
I didn't think we'd get blown out, but I did expect some trouble because the Seahawks have a good defense. I was anxious to see how Philip would perform after his early struggles in Chicago and I too am pleased to see that he shook off his early fumbles to lead our team down the field several times on scoring drives against a good starting NFL defense. We just have to keep him upright & healthy, and we'll be just fine.

See you on Christmas Eve! :icon_toast:


Still Chargin
Staff member
Great post man. Your a class act. Stop by and post even when we are not playing you guys!

Good luck on the season, hopefully we play each other three times this year!
Thanks Rhew!

BTW guys I met Rhew Churyll by going onto seahawkshuddle.com. Great Seahawk website. If you guys ever have a question about the hawks or want to chat with some knowledgable Seahawks fans, stop by their site. Unlike Raiders or Donkey websites, everyone there was cool, knowledgable, and showed some class.

I think it would be great if we met Seattle in the SB. The east coast biased media would hate it, but I'd love an all west coast SB.


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
Thanks for stopping by and for the nice post Rhew. You guys are still the team to beat in the NFC, and Shaun Alexander is going to run wild again this year. :tup:
Good game Rhew. I'm kind of glad we spotted you guys 14 because if we had beaten the Hawks 31-6, I think some fans would have gotten an inflated idea of how good the Bolts really are. Some of us do realize it's preseason.

That being said, the fact we kept our poise and came back is encouraging. I think PR's gotten a couple good tests the last two weeks--against the Bears and the Hawks...and while he hasn't been great he's shown some encouraging traits in both games.

He just needs to eliminate the "pop warner" mistake and he'll be fine, I think.


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Thumper said:
I think it would be great if we met Seattle in the SB. The east coast biased media would hate it, but I'd love an all west coast SB.
I would love it just for that fact. I hate the East Coast media and love any chance to piss them the phuq off.

Ever since they robbed Marshall Faulk of his Heisman......