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Give Shaun Phillips a new nickname


Carpe Diem et omni Mundio
Staff member
Super Moderator
A guy leading the team in sacks does not deserve to be called "The other guy"

Now mad mike came up with Flash
Concudan had Blitzmeister (I think) which meant Master of Lightning
I've got Sidewinder (that's a heat seeking missile)

Come on people give us some ideas!


Well-Known Member
yeah they've had Sidewinder for a little while now. I like it. The Other Guy isn't bad either, its creative. I'm sick of generic, forced nicknames (ARod, CWebb, JWill, etc.). Well actually ARod was kinda the original, so all the other ones are lame.
I like "Shredder"..... but there was something funny and interesting about Phillips' bowling move when he had his sack on sunday. After he sacked the QB, he did a move like he was bowling and got a strike.



Flowsomuch said:
Shaun "The Strike" Phillips.

I'm really starting to like his bowling celebration dance.
Strike Phillips doesnt have the same ring to it as Flash Phillips
How about Shaun "Lightning" Phillips?

He's fast as lighining. He's a lightning bolt.

Then we'll have "Lightning" & "Lights Out" on the ends.


carrie1219 said:
~!BOLT!~ suggested Phlash Phillips...
I like that one too..
haha, I suggested Flash Phillips, but I like the spelling of Phlash Phillips more.
Phlash Phillips...this is in my top 3 now.