Giants to win Superbowl XLI?

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Lancer 1

Betrayed Bolt Supporter
Jul 10, 2006
They are according to this "genius"! Link: Northbound 2006 NFL predictions

This clown has the Bolts averaging over 22 points a game, scoring 40+ points 3 times but only going 7-9 against our 3rd place schedule, beating both Denver & Kansas City in addition to defending NFC Champion Seattle, but losing to Oakland twice! They also have the Raiders, who were swept by our entire division last season beating every other team in the AFC West, sweeping both us, & Denver, in addition to beating Baltimore, Pittsburgh & Seattle but losing to Cleveland, Arizona, San Francisco, the Jets & St Louis on their way to a 10-6 record. I sense a little "No-Cal" bias in their high hopes for a good season by Oakland.

Did our defense suddenly fall off or something? Not according to this joker, who has us holding NFL teams to a mere FG in consecutive weeks, and only giving up 30+ points twice, to include against Buffalo of all teams. I guess we'll shut down their running attack, but J.P. Losman is gonna light us up! We did have the top rated run defense in the entire NFL last season, and we have improved our secondary with the additions of McCree & Cromartie, and I believe all of these asinine predictions will be completely blown out of the water by Week 2! :lol:


Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern 2016
Jun 27, 2006
Chargers will win the superbowl didn't you hear Merriman? If Merriman says something it's going to happen. Consider the lombardi trophy ours, EOD.

Electric Chair

Well-Known Member
May 23, 2006
I would be willing to put money on the EXACT OPPOSITE happening in his AFCW standings. Especially if Roaf stays retired.

That's the major flaw of the internet. While it's great always having something football related just a click away, it's booger eaters like this that phuq up the program. After reading that I didn't even bother reading the rest of his predictions.


CPiSS (Chargers Post Season Syndrome)
Staff member
Mar 5, 2006
thejdog said:
It's impossible to predict who is going to win the division...let alone the freaking Super Bowl...:icon_rofl:

I gave up trying long ago. Raiders could win it all and it would not surprise me in the's called parity.

The fuggin guys who act like they have it all figured out are just attention whores.
I said stop calling me that!:icon_evil:


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Sep 1, 2005
Yet another idiot blogger predicting who's going to win it all before all the clubs' final rosters and depth charts are set.

Notable quote:

These projections were made through a random number generator in Microsoft Excel...

Lancer 1

Betrayed Bolt Supporter
Jul 10, 2006
I noticed that he has San Diego going 8-8 in the scores section, but he predicts 7-9 for us in the recap. Perhaps he should learn how to count first & foremost! :icon_shrug:


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Feb 14, 2006

Posted on Wed, Aug. 02, 2006

NFC East Preview

Manning eager for full control
The Giants' quarterback still needs to step up to become the offense's unchallenged leader.
By David Aldridge
Inquirer Staff Writer

ALBANY, N.Y. - There are no clarions when you know, no stoppages of play when you know, no plaques from mayors or governors determining that this was when they knew.

It comes subtly, then loudly, obvious. You know it when you see men block for him while dragging broken bones, and when other men dive for balls he has thrown behind them, and all keep quiet in the huddle when he tells them to shut the (expletive) up.

That's when the quarterback has taken command.

Eli Manning is not there yet.

He is the quarterback of the New York Giants, but he's not the quarterback, not just yet. In his third season - and second as the full-time starter - Manning still has time to fulfill the dreams the Giants had when they traded with San Diego on draft day 2004 to get him, the first pick overall.

This isn't about physical mechanics, though they matter. It isn't about toughness, for no one thinks Manning is lacking in that area. It's not about yelling and screaming, because players can smell false bravado like cheap cologne. It's not about smarts - being a Manning, the brother of Peyton and the son of Archie, Eli Manning has the playbook down cold.

It's about making the other players believe in you.

"Last year was the first year coming in as a starter, and [I was] still learning a lot, still had a lot of things I was trying to improve on," Manning said the other day. "I really hadn't done anything. I'd only played in seven games and only won one game. So I still had a lot to prove to myself and my teammates. This year, I still have a lot to prove, but I'm a little more comfortable with everything."

He had his moments last season, when the Giants won the NFC East. But it all came apart in the playoffs, a dismal 23-0 loss at home to Carolina, in which Manning looked like a kid quarterback still trying to find his way. And this is New York, after all; patience is not in the Gotham dictionary.

"The next step in my mind is for him to become a leader and just step up and take control of this team in a way that fits his style," Pro Bowl running back Tiki Barber said of Manning.

"Just as a team takes the personality of its coach, an offense has to take on the personality of its quarterback. And it's hard for him, obviously, because there are personalities like myself and [tight end Jeremy] Shockey and Plaxico [Burress, the wide receiver] on this offense. But in order for the unit to execute and work properly, he's got to execute his will."