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Giants-Chargers game

Hey Ray!

Great site you have here. Looking forward to the game. If you would have bet before the season on which team would be 2-0, I don't think any of us would have said the Giants. I hope this ride continues, but a pissed off Charger team is now standing in our way. :D


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
Hey there,

Welcome to the site! This weeks game should be a good one and the Ginats are not to be taken lightly. If we were 2-0 coming in then this game would be all about going after Eli. But we are desperate for our 1st win and the focus is strictly on that.

The stadium will be rocking and the rest of the nation will enjoy a good game. Eli looks like his is improving week to week and your special teams play has been awesome. Not to mention, Tiki has been playing very well carrying the offensive load.

I can't wish you guys luck this week, but good luck after this game. :good:
Protect Brees and Kill Manning

Look the recipe for the Chargers first win goes as follows. Man coverage against the Wideout.

Defensively: Plexico Burress, need to be man-handled by Q. Jammer. RUSH Eli. Marriman, and Jamal Williams need to constantly in Eli's face, hide your coverages. go to a 3-4 Defense and hide the Blitz package. NO COVER-2. Man to man coverage. Make Eli beat you. Dont give up the short routes. Keep the pressure on, and he will make mistakes.

Offensively: Run, run, run, and then run some more. Short routes, maybe 1 or 2 deep threats to keep the secondary on their toes. Look off the DB and the linebackers. Gates needs to be in short 8-10 yard plays only. This will take the linebackers out of their game. This should be a low scoring game. Your going to see 8 guys in the box.. Make LT carry the load. Run the ball early and often with LT, O'Neal, and Sproles. GET LT the balll in the Flat. 7-10 times this game. Protect Brees!!

Follow this recipe, along with having the home fans behind the Chargers. And you will win!!!

Rivers needs to sit. Leave Drew Brees in the game. Even at 0-3. This is Drew's team, let him lead.

Good luck. Props to Charger Ray. Keep up the good work.

Chris im out....


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
Excellent points Bengalfan. Teams will continue to put 8 men in the box until we figure it out.

Quick slants and screens are needed to counter the rush. Lot's of motion from the TE's and receivers will hopefully cause the defense to reset.

But the main key is to get LT involved. Once the defense keys on him, that will open up everything else on offense. I'm confident that our OL will show up and that they will give Brees enough time.

On defense, the key will be to shutdown Tiki. He's been on fire. We also got to play more man to man. That really our stenghth in the secondary. Yeah, we may get called for a PI. But if we can hit the Ginats Wr's coming off the line, that will screw up Mannings timing. We need to blitz from all directions. Get in Mannings face and knock him down. Shaun Philips and Merriman should get more play time especially on passing situations.

I defintely think this ame will be low scoring...for NY.

Chargers 34
Giants 13
giantshuddle said:
I almost forgot about the hatred the Bolts fans have for Eli. Ouch, talk about a hostile environment. :D
Yeah, I forgot about that too... I mean, look at how much crap he has done, or should I say how much he doesn't do, so I say good riddens!!!
Chargers NEED a win...

Its only week 3, however the Chargers are backed into a corner and need a win desperately or...

The Chargers should be able to establish the run against this team. Hopefully the play calling will be imaginitive which means pounding LT and getting him involve in the passing game as well. Heck Martyball sounds good at this point. At least use your most valuable weapon LT and then go for big plays with Gates or McCardell.

Defense...just listen to all the fans that are coming out show some "love" for Eli. That alone should motivate the defense to stomp this Manning Primadonna. Ironically I'm glad we ended up with Philip Rivers. If the defense can hold this NY team to less than 20..we should win this game...
I have a feeling this team is going to let out its frustration on Giants and throw up a 30 plus scoring display.

Come on Bolts. Just one week at a time.

Stop surfing in places that cause brain damage.


Im gonna let you listen to my comments tonight on the PODCAST,listen and you'll get a clue.


Well-Known Member
even if we were to lose this game, we would just have to win road games against the tough opponents we play....philly, n.e., indy, k.c.
Okay San Diego, the Bengals did their job, it's your turn... Beat up on that arrogant jack... well, you get the point... of Eli Manning...