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Gasoline prices and your spending changes


Over here in the northern suburbs of Buffalo, I went to BJ's today to fill up the tank and found out it was already $3!!!! ($2.99 to be precise, but who's counting?)

I figure there are others who are not too fond of the way gasoline prices have darted upward recently and are going to make personal spending changes to compensate in one way or another. What sort of spending changes do you intend to make?

Personally, I plan on spending on more needed items and not so much on DVDs or CDs. I may even ride my bicycle to work a couple times a week, again. Cut back at buying fast food as that adds up. Spend less on Xmas and birthday gifts --- I hate to admit. Who knows, perhaps next year I will buy a 250 or 400cc scooter just to get to work and back.
Bro, I just got out of school for a break today and me and my wife are both on EMPTY... This sucks... My explorer is gonna cost some 60 bucks and my car will cost near 30. We're going now to fill up and keep it topped off...

Here's what we are planning to do... We're going to fill up now, and see if the gas prices stay. If they go up, we'll try to wait it out and see if they go back down. We're going to fill up every couple days to make sure we are topped off if the prices stay where they are. That's my advice... Anyone else have an idea as to what they will do?


On my drive to work this morning, gasoline prices on Grand Island, NY, started at $3.09/gallon. When I drove home after work it was jacked up to $3.89!!!! Off the island it was anywhere from $3.45-3.68/gallon.

Not sure what to tell you BasPilot. I feel the prices may rise a little more over the weekend, because of the holiday weekend travel, to suck more moolah out of us. Perhaps it may drop next week a little. They certainly put the fear into all of us.

I feel people will have to compensate their spending lifestyles in order to keep their cars running. After all, you will probably see a rise in cost in the grocery stores and other items. Quite a domino effect passed on to the consumers.
Listen to this San Diego!!!

Did you guys know that absolutely none of our gas lines, gas trucks, or anything that deals with the gas sold in this city, or heck, in all of So. Cal comes from that region over there? So, your question is if NONE of our supply is changed, then why the increase?

Well, the answer is simply because the business men over here know that there is a panic on the east coast and decided to make a buck off of it. Here's the kicker... The cost for gas prices for them hasn't changed. THey are paying the same price today that they paid last week (within a few pennies). But now we are paying almost 50 cents more! Ready for the reason? Because they know we will pay it. I'm not complaining at this simply becasue it is Capatailism at its finest, but here's the kicker... As long as they don't raise their prices 50 cents at a time then they are okay, legally. That's why we are seeing a 10 cents a day increase... Be ready for it to fall down later though...

Good luck out there to everyone...