Game Thoughts Vs. Raiders

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Jul 31, 2006
The only thing bad about this game is that the raiders sucked so bad all the talk was about how horrible they were playing and not about how dominating the Chargers were playing. It's almost like the Chargers performance won't get as much credit because this wasn't a real test. We were only 3 point favorites so I hope a lot of those people were betting and made some money.

Is it time to start giving the OL credit yet? Other than Hardwick having a hard time with Sands at times, the OL was solid. Yeah there was a missed play here and there like always, but overall the SD OL dominated what was supposed to be a decent oakland DL. Burgess and Sapp get a lot of hype. Sands is a manchild. Our OL chewed them up and spit them out.

Notice the difference in the plays from the preseason to this game? In the preseason we were having huge problems with the backside DE making plays because we left him unblocked. We would never run a reverse to keep him honest. Now in the regular season its a different playbook. We must have ran a dozen fake reverse-type plays. I have a funny feeling they only showed enough in preseason to get reads on players and evaluate talent. Last night, I think they showed just enough to kick the crap out of oakland. I'm pretty sure we have more to break out when needed.

That long pass by Rivers is EXACTLY what we've been needing. Face it, with Brees that pass would have never been thrown. He would not have stood tall in that pocket knowing Sapp was going to drill him. He would have bailed on the play, scrambled around and either thrown it away or dumped it to a TE/RB for 2 yards. Having a QB that can handle the pressure is a must in the NFL, just like Vermeil/Jaws said in the booth after that throw. If Brees did throw it, chances are his pass doesn't have the same zip on it and the safety either breaks it up or Parker gets ripped. THAT is an added dimension that Rivers brings to the table.

How about Rivers? I know he didn't pass much, but the raiders OBVIOUSLY respected him. They were running nickle most of the first half expecting SD to light them up with the pass. We took advantage and pounded LT. Because of the respect for the QB, the running lanes stayed open. New concept in SD. Three drives, three scores. Not a bad start at all.

The raiders did pick on Jammer and his huge cushion some. For the most part they didn't have time to do anything in the secondary. Florence was money. That hit was huge. McCree is a great addition that gives us another added dimension compared to last year. A safety blitz in the first raider series??? We haven't had a decent safety blitz since Hitman left town. Last year we rarely tried it.

Classic Marty at the end of the game: "Don't let them get in the fukking endzone!!" great timing by the TV camera to let the fans read his lips on that one. I just knew those b@stards were going to kick a cheap FG to blow the shutout. They are too stupid to even do that.

We didn't see everything this team has to offer, but we saw enough to kick the crap out of the raiders. That's a perfect week one in the NFL. I doubt we see much more vs. the Titans, but that will be one more week of experience for Rivers and one more week he is getting comfortable as a starter. It's nice to win a game and be able to keep something in reserve.