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Fox Sports Ranks our draft 26th out of 32 teams C-


26. San Diego: Took total potential in the first round with cornerback Antonio Cromartie, who didn't even play last season at Florida State because of a torn ACL. But he was a workout warrior with a 42-inch vertical jump and several 40s in the 4.3 range. But he does have the size (6-2, 210) to be a quality starter if he can play! Big question. Clemson QB Charlie Whitehurst had good games and awful games. A.J. Smith took a big chance in the second round with huge Auburn OT Marcus McNeill, whose narrowing spinal-cord column could limit his years in the NFL, according to some teams. Grade: C-
Boltdiehard said:
Can't say I disagree. I don't know what AJ and crew saw in the first two guys and our picks after that were horrible IMO.
I like the Cromartie Pick. I think he'll contribute this year and be one of the best corners in the league in a few years. I know he's a risk, but I think it'll happen.

McNeill was a surprise to me, but the mre I looked into him, he would have been a first round pick if it wasn't for the back problem. That concerns me. I think he can play, but the back thing might effect him longer term / shorten his career. I would have liked us move us and grab Winston Justice when he slipped tot he second. I had him rated second OT only to D Fergison. Expected him to go mid first round. Phily saw this and made a deal to move up and get him. smart move. The Whirthurt pic surprised me at first, but we need a third QB on the developmental squad, should Rivers go down. Might have got someone in next round of FA, but Whitehurt has shown that he might have the ability to be an elite QB. He's also shown that he can be terrible. It's a gamble of a pick, but there is a chance it could pay off down the road.

The trade with st. louis for the TE, ehh, whatever. I hear he can block. Has softhands, but lack ability to get seperation. Sounds like what we're looking for in a second TE.

The Kicker also surprised me. Keading was kicking long as a rookie. Had some hip problems. I would think he'd be healed by now, but AJ may know me than us. I look at him as insurance to kick the touchback.

Not a lot of thought about the rest of the picks yet. I'm not estatic, but I'm not exteremly disappointed either. Something tells me this Cromartie kid is going to be the **** though. I wouldn't be shocked if he was defensive rookie of the year. And I would be surprised if Jammer has more INTs than him.
-Cromartie is a ? mark so I won't comment, but i feel good about him.
-Our second pick was a total steal and it's going to be the best pick of the draft, I love this kid's attitude and talent, shoulda been a first rounder!
-The kicker was a necessity so all you haters shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
-The QB was a necessity and could be a Matt Schaub type deal down the road where we can trade him for a great player or high draft pick.
-Analyzing the draft at this point is futile and it's hillarious that A.J. is getting slammed by all the doubters. Ye with so little faith, just the average fake *** S.D. bandwagoners hating on the man who put together one of the best teams in S.D. history(or soon to be THE best!), prepare to get B#@$ slapped by a superbowl!!!:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: