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  • No, they don't have the right team so why should it count?!

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Aug 23, 2005
Here's the question, answer yes or no if you have an opinion post it in here...

THis week we ran into our first situation where I had to use the Monday Night Football scores. There will be another thread on this topic of the tie breaker, but to keep opinions seperate answer this question...

In my case this week, I was tied with the rest of the 9 right guys but I didn't have the right team for MNF... Should my score count if I was to be closer than everyone else?

Let me explain that further for those of you saying, what's this fool talking about... For someone that is tied for first we use the MNF scores to break the tie... What if there is a problem because one person has the wrong team to begin with. Should their score count?

Just a question I thought I'd put up for everyone...

Thanks for your input...