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Fonoti done for the year.

Hey Boltfans, long time no talk to from a lurking Vikings fan. I was on here when we put the deal together for Fonoti asking questions.

First off, nice win last night over the Raider Nation. The Bolts are looking tough man. I just cant get enough of watching LT run. Good luck with the rest of the season.

Anyway just thought I would see what everyone on here thinks of the Fonoti deal now that he is done for the year for us as well. He played spairingly in the Green Bay game (and probably shouldnt have been activated that quickly) He looked out of shape, out of sorts, and then pulls his groin sufficiently to be put on IR before last Sundays game.

I am rather bummed, I was really looking forward to seeing what this beast of a man might be able to do to help our sagging O-line. Now I wonder if we will ever even see him in a Vikings jersey again. I wonder if the management saw (or sees) enough in him to warrent signing him for a new contract. It sure will be a waste of a trade, and pick if that is the extent of what we see from this guy in a Minnesota Vikings jersey.

Anyway just thought i would pop in and say hello, get some thoughts, and wish you good luck.
You guys are doing pretty well of late too Turboe. Fonoti has tons of talent, but doesn't have the work ethic. AJ Smith saw that he was ballooning out of control and made the right move. I was hoping that he would do well for you guys so that we could get a 5th round pick instead of a 6th rounder.


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I watched that Greenbay game after hearing that Fonoti waas going to start. He looked like he was at 400 lbs!

Fonoti has the potential to be the best Guard in the league if he get's his weight under control. He's a good guy, but AJ and Marty got tired of him coming into camp late and out of shape.

After contract talks broke down, AJ was forced to send him packing. Is there any talks about the Vikings signing him to a long term deal?
Yeah, as Gatcha mentione above we have been getting it rolling as of late, so not much talk about what will happen with Fonoti for next year at this time. I sure hope so.

I saw him in street clothes at the Carolina game shortly after we got him, and he was huge (supposedly over 400 lbs). Tice said they wouldnt let him on the field until he got down to 385, I have to question that he was down that far when they eventually let him on the field. He still looked bigger than that to me.

We used to call Pat Williams our NT "Phat" Pat, but now compared to Fonoti some Vikings fans have started calling him "2%" Pat.