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Code Monkey
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Jun 29, 2009
Orange County, CA
As you can see we changed the home page back to the forum home page. While it was a good try to make this a Chargers News Portal, it has been decided that we need to focus on what this site is really about - a forum and podcast. So instead of spreading ourselves to thin and trying to do something unrealistic, we are moving this site back to the basics.

Furthermore, we are getting ready for XenForo 1.2 which will introduce a ton of new features. I will be giving you guys plenty of warning for the new release of XenForo and the expected downtime. But in the mean time we are going to be simplifying the site back to its roots.

We will be implementing a latest podcast bar on the forum home page so users can quickly get to the latest podcasts.

Please post any comments or concerns you have so we can discuss them further.
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