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excuses, excuses, excuses

excuses, excuses, excuses.................... Just watched the charger game and then tuned into the radio broadcast. If I hear one more well. maybe could, shoulda woulda from the likes of Hank Bauer and other diehards that refuse to see the forest thru the trees .......I'm gonna puke. Are the Chargers a bad team? Absolutely not, but they are not that good either.

Look, everyone @ week 15 is hurting, banged up, tired etc. etc. etc. But, the really hungry teams suck it up and find a way to win. period! I don't want to hear anymore excuses about a tough road schedule, mental letdown from the huge Indy win, and so on. We got beat. that's the bottom line. Bauer is always making an excuse. well, if gates would have caught that one pass and if L.T. wouldn't have let that pass slip thru his hands for the intercept. It's get's tiring Hank. We got our butts kicked by a better team.......it's that simple. truth be told....last year we made it into the playoffs because we had a realitively light schedule. this year it was tough(er) and the cream rose to the top. That being said, we will soon be back in the mix, but for the Hank Bauer excuse makers of the charger world............ just shut up and deal with it. We're not that good yet!!!!!!!!!
Well I think the truth lies somewhere between what the 2 of you have said.
The chargers lost 5 games this season by 4 points or less, some of them in bizarre fashion (Philly). That is a staggering statistic. The fact is they had the most difficult schedule in the league. Just look at how many teams they played made the playoffs or will narrowly miss the playoffs.
My personal opinion is that they need to look at what cost a second straight visit to the playoffs (which they missed narrowly). Here is in my opinion the list of priorities with comments of where they will need to improve to become a true contendor. Some of you will have a hard time with number 1, but I watched basically every minute of every game so I am not making these statements based on watching 4 or 5 games. Also, I've added a 'food for thought' and 'Hats off' section at the end.

1) Offensive Play calling. Poor calls cost them, especially earlier in the season. The Chargers were visibly out-coached in a number of games. The Denver game comes to mind. The brilliant Mike Shanahan schooled the Chargers coaching staff. Also, LT has been playing injured for three weeks and I didn't see them run 1 play with Turner today. He basically kept the Chargers alive with the win against the awesome Colts. Especially when LT is down they MUST give 33 the ball. Big mistake and it might've made a difference today.

2) The secondary. I can't point fingers at one specific player, but they need more physical play back there. Also, they basically lost the Pittsburgh and Dallas games to name 2. Jammer has the potential to be one of the top coverage guys in the future, if he stays disciplined.

3) A big play receiver. We don't have one and we need one badly. McCardell can not go up and get a 50/50 ball (Dallas and today in KC). Caldwell is a third or fourth receiver and always will be. Parker has good hands, is strong and I believe is our best receiver. However, he disappears from games for long periods of time. Either he has difficulties getting open or the coaches aren't using him enough. Keyshawn, Moss etc would have 12-16 touchdowns on this team...easy.

4) Special teams. Kaeding is young, but needs to be replaced. He doesn't have 'IT'. Kicking is all mental and that's the hardest thing to teach. The time is now for the Chargers. Also, the coverage gives me ulcers when games are tight. More concentration... more discipline.

Food For Thought

Marty Ball... doesn't work. He's a legend, but he has no championships and no Super Bowl appearances. It may backfire next season if he is fired, but in the long run it will give the Chargers a better chance at a Super Bowl. Sorry to say, but time to go Marty.

Hats Off

1) Brees, LT, Gates... Need I say more.

2) Wade Phillips. The line and LBs were solid all season.

3) Merriman. This guy is amazing... I was an instant fan. Why was he not starting until game 5?

4) Lorenzo Neal. A selfless player that understands there's no I in team. He's almost done. It would be nice to see him play in the big one.


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
Welcome to the site guys.

First of all, Hank is a big Homer, and it does make me sick at times listening to him. The Chargers had a taste of the playoffs last year and everyone thought it was a fluke season based on the schedule.

This year IMO is still a success because we will finish with a winning record and have show growth as a TEAM. We showed that we can play with anyone in this league. But we still lack that killer instinct that separates good teams from elite teams.

Today, we just did not come out with the same intensity and energy like we had in Indy. LT is definitely hurt and we should have gone with Turner in the second half.

I hope that both Wade and Cameron stay again next year. I am positive that the experience this year will get us into the playoffs next year. Our entire team is young and has a great neucleus.

Defensively, we need to address the secondary problems. We need a cover corner and maybe another safety.

On offense, I agree that we need a #1 WR who can stretch the field and make plays.

Kaeding will be fine guys. Another offseason of strength conditioning will help him with his kickoffs.

Priority one is to sign Brees long term.

We have a lot to be excited about with this team folks. The Chargers will be a force in the NFL for years to come.
Hank Bauer should be fired. I can't stand listening to him on the radio.

I really thought that if we scored on the 1st second half possession, we whould have regained the momentum and won the game.

Our defense did play much better in the second half and shut them out. But offensively, we did not get Gates involved enough in the 2nd half and LT just forgot how to catch the ball.

KC does not have a better team, and did not lose to them specifically. The elements and our lack of execution lalso contributed to the loss.


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
Gates did disappear in the 2nd half. But I believe that it had more to do with the play calling and Brees not being able to get the ball to him.

Aside from the scoring drive, Brees just had a horrible game. His accuracy in the 2nd half was similar to his performance in Washington.

I also thought that since KC was being very aggressive sending alot of pass rushers, we should have called for more quick slants and screens.

Brees did not do a good job recognizing the defense and audiblizing at the line.