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Everyone I need you vote

Discussion in 'American Football' started by SDRay, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. SDRay

    SDRay RIP SD Chargers..F the LA Chargers, Go Irish Staff Member Administrator Podcaster

    Jun 20, 2005
    So I've been doing my Chargers podcast for over 3 months now and I appreciate Charger fans tuning in. This month on one of the largest Podcsat directories, I am ranked #2 out of all sports podcasts. The Raider Nation podcast hosted by a guy named Raider Greg has been #1 for a a while now and I somehow passed him up. Now he's pretty pissed. He's called out his listeners to come out and vote like crazy because he can't stand that a Chargers podcast is a head of him.

    He's also gone as far as saying that I copied his podcast when I've never even listened to it up until now. Anyways, do you guys mind if I ask you to vote for my Chargers podcast at http://www.podcastalley.com/podcast_details.php?pod_id=6199#'

    Just click on the "vote now" link and enter your email address.

    It only takes 5 minutes and I think it would be cool to stay ahead of this Raider Greg guy. Thanks to eveyone thats listend to me and for supporting your Charger podcast. I really appreciate it and I continue to do the show for all the Bolt fans out there.

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