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ESPN Clayton's ultimate team


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Clayton, like the other media whores, tends to be hit or miss with forumites. Some like him, others don't. Depending on what he writes. :icon_mrgreen:


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And Merriman was a holdout and missed how much of the preseason? And wasnt a starter untill around week 5. He is going to be a stud this year!


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These guys are sure promoting a Cover Two defense out of a 4-3 set.

A Cover Two defense can be run out of a 3-4 just as effectively. The key is speed from the linebackers in either case to drop into man or zone or rolling hybrid coverages.
MadMike said:
McNeil was also a backup at LT and RT on the team.

Yeah man, 5 Chargers, let's not short-change ourselves, it's rare the Charger's get a mention...Merriman, Gates, L.T., Sproles, McNeill!!!
I love the Chargers!!!:icon_banana:
(what that has to do with a dancing banana, not sure)