Dielman is OK in Chargers' Oklahoma Drill

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Johnny Lightning

Go Bolts
Feb 7, 2006
By BERNIE WILSON, AP Sports Writer
July 30, 2006

SAN DIEGO (AP) -- Nothing fires up a team at training camp like the Oklahoma Drill.
"This is the true kickoff for camp," San Diego Chargers left guard Kris Dielman said after flattening linebacker Matt Wilhelm in the popular drill, which came at the end of the team's practice Sunday afternoon.
All-Pro tight end Antonio Gates was so awed with Dielman's performance that he was still raving about it in the locker room.
"No, you don't understand," Gates told two younger teammates, explaining how Dielman dominated. "That was by far the most impressive." The Oklahoma Drill is a favorite of coach Marty Schottenheimer and always is held on one of the first few days of camp. As a quarterback hands off to a running back, a blocker and a defender square off up front in a lane about 3 yards wide.

Johnny Lightning

Go Bolts
Feb 7, 2006

Dielman's performance overshadowed that of outside linebacker Shawne Merriman, last year's NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Merriman got in a good lick on tight end Kelly Griffeth, a free-agent rookie, but Griffeth held his own. Nonetheless, Merriman threw his helmet to the ground and strutted around.
"The ability to dominate at this level is hard," Gates said, continuing to rave about Dielman. "The way he dominated. You know, like Shawne Merriman had good contact and threw him off, but didn't make the tackle. He just went crazy because he just kind of pushed the lineman back, just living off energy, and defensive guys do that.
"But the guy (Dielman) went against was 15 yards from the line of scrimmage," Gates added. "Not 5 or 6. That's impressive, man. This is the NFL. That's impressive, however you want to say, to push him and pancake him. Put him on his back."
Dielman, who started the last 14 games at left guard last year, was nonplussed.
"O-lineman on a linebacker, it's kind of expected that should happen," he said. "I shouldn't be getting thrown around. I mean, I just got good leverage and I weigh 120 more pounds than him. That drill starts us rolling. We're ready to rock and roll."
Schottenheimer wouldn't name names, but said: "We had some pretty solid performances in there.
"I think that it's good for the energy of the players," Schottenheimer said. "I think there's benefit to being able to look at the blocker's ability to create leverage. The same thing could be said for the defense -- can they take a block on, shed a block, make a play, and obviously it's an offensive drill in the sense that the back has an advantage."
Notes LB Donnie Edwards, who's been on the trading block since spring, missed practice because of back spasms. ... The Chargers estimated the crowd at 3,900, the most for a practice in the two years they've held training camp at Chargers Park.


Well-Known Member
Jan 5, 2006
Does anybody know if Dielman has put on some weight? I thought I read that somewhere but can't remember where.