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Crazy-Funny-Great Videos Thread


Well-Known Member
rexy2006 said:
Share your favorite videos from YouTube and Break.com or wherever here.:yes:

Here's one that is from today.

Bert Blyleven Swears on Live TV:


One of the F-Bombs is at 55 seconds...:lol:

The announcer he is with does this FANTASTIC smirk, but finishes up like a pro.:tup:
Good one Darlin:icon_eek: :lol: :tup: :icon_rofl: ...theres a **** pot fulla Chargers vids on youtube, compliments of DelMarBolts!!
ChargerRay said:
Worst Sportscaster ever
"Boom goes the dynamite!"
That is the worst that I have ever heard or seen.

:icon_rofl: :icon_sleep: :icon_rofl: :icon_sleep: :icon_rofl: :icon_sleep: :icon_rofl: :icon_sleep: :icon_rofl: :icon_sleep:


Well-Known Member
Thumper said:
This one is pretty funny. I guess back in the 60s a scientist gave spiders different types of drugs to see how it would affect their ability to build a spider web. It's funnier than it sounds.

I was like, this isnt funny. Until they got to the marijuana spider building a hammock watching the caffeine spider. Then, when they got to teh crack spider, I was ROTFLMAO. I almost fell off my chair.

It appears I must get in touch with the naturalists in Canada for more info. on the crack spider's beeyotch.:lol: