Copa Time!


Sep 10, 2018
This is the time of the year that I usually take a break from sports...No Football, No European Club Soccer, No Basketball, No Hockey, and still about 400 more games left in the baseball season before I start paying attention!...But it's hard to look away from Copa America anytime it's on....This year's version is entering the Semi-final stage in Brazil after today.

Copa is different from other major continental championships, in that it combines the artistry and finesse of some of the world's greatest talent, with Latin America's ultra passionate national pride and machismo! The result is a tournament that produces some magical match-ups that football purists pine for. One of those games is set for July 2nd in the first Semi, between Argentina and Brazil! Copa America game have a different atmosphere, different pace, different level of physicality, and are differently officiated. Games are hotly contested and Yellow and Red Cards are not uncommon, but according to European standards, a lot of these games wouldn't end cause there wouldn't be enough players left on the pitch!

In the last Quarter-final today, Uruguay is playing Peru at 3 pm EST....The tournament, which this year included Asian Cup finalists Japan and Qatar, has already seen it's share of surprises and controversies; with the biggest controversy, imo, revolving around the use of VAR - video assisted replay- which is having the same effect as Replay Rules have in NFL!
Last night in the Chile -Colombia game, Chile the defending champions, had two goals disallowed by VAR long after they had finished celebrating excessively after each goal! In the end the goal-less draw was decided by penalty kicks which Chile won. But the use of VAR is definitely having a negative effect on the traditional flow of the game, even if it makes mostly correct decisions.