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City/County NEED'S to step up the stadium negotiation



Im starting to get nervous guys, im sick of hearing about little unofficial meetings that are less than an hour long.

What the hell is going on? Are they just getting complacent?
They better not think for one second that L.A. and Vegas and San Antonio wont just try to sweep the Chargers right out of here.

I guarantee the Chargers will get an offer on new years day by L.A. And its gonna be a hell of a lot more lucrative than any offer they'll get here.

Message to Couty officials: NUT UP! If you dont at least try to keep the Chargers in San Diego ill burn your house down myself!!


Well-Known Member
Mark Fabiani was on last night's episode of the local FOX station XETV's "Chargers Power Report". He said he was very encouraged by the Port Commission's position that a privately funded Super Bowl quality stadium could indeed be built in National City.

So, it looks like National City is the frontrunner, with Chula Vista as the backup.

Give up hope on the Chargers staying in Mission Valley / the Qualcomm site. That area wasn't even brought up, and seems a dead issue because of Aguirre and Frye.


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
The City and County needs to start backing the National City plan and forget about finding another location in the County. There isn't any more time.