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Chris Mortensen reports the San Diego Chargers are wrestling


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member

Chris Mortensen reports the San Diego Chargers are wrestling with the idea of making Drew Brees an unrestrictive free agent perhaps gambling his shoulder surgery would have a chilling effect on interested teams.

Recently the Chargers made an initial contract offer to Brees. Should the Chargers elect to franchise Brees his 2006 salary as a franchise or transition player would be approximately $9.7 million.

Last year Brees threw for 3,576 yards and 24 touchdown passes. Over the past two seasons his passer rating of 96.1 ranks fifth in the NFL.
My QB take...

AJ Smith has his own unique way of handling things. It seems he is now maneuvering to make a decision regarding his QBs. I can't see the Chargers going into the 2006 season with both Rivers and Brees again. 1) Rivers has said he doesn't want to be a backup again this year. Who can blame him after watching Roethlisberger? He is probably every bit as good as him. 2) Rivers' trade value goes down a lot. I have said before that I think he still has high trade value now because his cap figure is so low. And even though he really hasn't performed in any games, we know he is a team player with a lot of talent and potential. Many teams have to be interested in the guy.

I have to believe Smith has chosen a QB he wants to keep: Rivers or Brees. And I would have to think it is Brees, simply because he has proven himself in game situations. Plus, if they go with Rivers, there will be that learning curve and adjustment period. Next year would be tough with a "rookie" QB.

My guess is that Smith is letting Brees "test the free agent market" to appear as if he hasn't settled on one particular QB. That increases his leverage in trade talks. I think in April, he will start getting feelers from teams and make a trade before the draft. What does everyone else think?

PS - And I was right about Carl Mauck! But F*** the DB coach!!


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
You may be right Daniel. I do think that the Bolts will transition tag Brees and see if there are any takers for Rivers. AJ Feely would then become the #2.

If I were an NFL GM looking for a QB and couldn't take Leinart or Young, I would trade for Rivers since he will come at a much much lower price that the 2 rookies.

Brees should stay the QB for SD. He's only 27 and will recover from this injury.

AJ smith is telling it like it is... straight up.
Brees has had opportunity now and has shown that he not the QB in San Diego.

All signs point to Smith not resigning Drew Brees, and thats what is going to happen... why?
Becasue hes not worth the tag (8-10 mill)
And even if we sign him to a long term contract we'll end up giving him more in the end.

And what does all this do?
It keeps rivers on the bench, in the best contract years of his career. I'm sorry you just have got to ask yourself "If Rivers is a bust would a player of drew brees talent be that hard to find in the next year." And Rivers will not be a bust, hes probably better than drew. With the cash we save on Mr. Purdue "Best Oline in the Country" we'll be able to sign some players at skill positions and some hogs.

Comeon dudes, dont you think the river's era is here?