Brees beginning to rehab

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Jun 20, 2005
Chula Vista, CA

Generally two-a-days don’t begin for football players until early August, but just two weeks into the offseason, Chargers quarterback Drew Brees has begun his.

Last Thursday Brees underwent successful surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right shoulder. The operation took place in Birmingham, Ala., which is where Brees began rehabilitating this week.

“I have rehab twice a day,” Brees said via conference call with the San Diego media Wednesday. “I go in the morning for a couple of hours and in the afternoon for a couple of hours. Really a lot of it at this point is just range of motion and kind of working the stiffness out of the joint. It’s really just trying to set the tone for the rest of the rehab. They say that as soon as you can get out and start moving around and getting that range of motion and flexibility back, the better the rest of the rehab will go.”

Brees is bracing himself for what is sure to be a challenge period in the next few months. The 26-year-old quarterback has been through grueling rehabs before, having suffered an ACL injury when he was in high school. Brees hopes to apply what he learned during that time to the situation he currently faces.

“It’s going to be one of the toughest ones if not the toughest one just because the knee was back in high school,” Brees said. “I remember that as being very challenging, but that was 10 years ago. I came back so much stronger mentally and physically. I look back on that as being a real turning point as far as my career, having that injury. I think it helped me develop and mature and become a better player, mentally tougher, physically tougher and all of those things. I feel like this is going to do the same for me, this injury. It’s a process, and it’s going to be a challenge for me for sure.”

Last week, Brees said that he hoped to be throwing again by May. He clarified that statement Wednesday, saying that he hopes his rehab will allow him to toss a football by then, although he won’t be able to do so like an NFL quarterback at that point.

“Even when you come back and start throwing, it’s a long process just to get your arm where you have the endurance,” Brees said. “You gradually work from throwing five yards to 10 yards. Even once I starting throwing, it’s still probably two more months or so before you start throwing routes and throwing deep passes and all that stuff. It is a process. It’d love to be throwing in May, and we’ll kind of see how this whole thing goes, but really the most important thing is to be ready to go by training camp.”

Brees plans on hanging out in Alabama for a couple more weeks before returning to San Diego. Coincidentally, his in-laws live in Birmingham and have been a tremendous help in the early days of the process.

“All the other guys that are rehabbing here are staying in a hotel,” Brees said. “I get to stay at (my wife’s) parent’s house and have home-cooked meals and get taken care of and have my shoes tied and all that other stuff. It’s great to have that. They’ve been awesome. My wife has been incredible taking care of me. It’s hard to sleep at night at this stage. I’m getting up five, six, seven times a night just to take my sling off and let my arm dangle and relax a little bit. Holding it in the same position is painful and sore. Brittany has put up with it all and been a great help.”

The always-active Brees has been a bit confined by not having use of his arm. Finding ways to continue exercising all of his body has been challenging in its own right, but Brees is managing to stay fit best he can.

“I think as long as you do that and get proper rest and everything else, your body will bounce back very quickly,” Brees said. “There are things that I can do with the left side of my body. I’ve been doing stuff since I got hurt with my left arm and my legs, getting on the bike and all that stuff just to kind of maintain the conditioning. They say that the better you stay in shape with the other parts of your body, the part that is injured seems to kind of naturally play catch up. I think you come along even faster the better that you keep everything else in shape.”

In an unfortunate incident, Dr. James Andrews, the orthopedic surgeon who performed Brees’ operation, suffered a heart attack last weekend and is still hospitalized. Brees said that Andrews is steadily recovering, although Andrews’ attention is on his patients as much as it is his own health.

“I went and saw him over in the hospital. He’s just across the hall from where we rehab,” Brees said. “He’s in there with tubes in his nose and hooked up to every machine that there is. He wants us to come down and see him so that we can check up on him. He’s asking me to take off my sling and he’s examining my arm. The heart monitor is going off. His heart rate is getting too high. His wife is telling him to slow down, ‘Quit doing what you’re doing and just breathe.’ He’s firing away with questions to me about how my arm is. It’s crazy. The guy is pretty impressive. That’s probably why he’s one of the best.”

Like he was when he left San Diego last week, Brees was in good spirits Wednesday. He joked that when he suffered the injury on December 31, the first few things that went through his mine were family, career, rehab and golf.

“I wish I was on the golf course right now,” Brees said. “Actually I wish I was in the playoffs playing football, but I guess if you can’t do that I’d like to be on the golf course. Instead I’m rehabbing. My golf game is definitely going to suffer this offseason. I’m just anxious to get through this process and get back on the football field so that we can work towards winning a championship.”