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Charger refuses to speak to police


Still Chargin
Staff member
Now this one makes me wonder W T F is going on...

Investigators still working on shooting
By Kristina Davis
September 7, 2006

Still hospitalized with three gunshot wounds, Chargers linebacker Steve Foley has refused to speak with detectives who are investigating his shooting on Sunday by an off-duty police officer, authorities said yesterday.

Logan Jenkins: Neighbors likely to be abuzz about Foley

“An attempt has been made, but we have not been able to get a statement from him,” said Sheriff's homicide Lt. Dennis Brugos. “He chose not to speak to us.”

Authorities continued trying to piece together events leading up to the confrontation between Aaron Mansker, a Coronado police officer, and the 30-year-old NFL player.

The shooting occurred at 3:41 a.m., near Foley's home in Poway.

Investigators have interviewed Mansker, 23, who started his law enforcement career as a Palomar College campus police officer.

Mansker said he began following Foley early Sunday morning because he believed Foley was driving under the influence.

Authorities have denied requests to provide a preliminary report regarding the incident as well as disclose results of Foley's blood-alcohol test.
Foley has not been charged. His agent, David Levine, did not return phone calls seeking comment yesterday. Phone calls to Foley's cell phone also went unanswered.

Click the link for the full article.


Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern 2016
sdchrger said:
Well counselor,

Does this mean he is preparing to go on the offensive?
Yup it sounds like he knows exactly what happened. Thing is.... if he was truly drunk that night he probably wouldn't have been able to remember squat except for being shot :icon_huh:


Well-Known Member
In that situation, any lawyer worth his salt is going to advise you not to talk to the cops. Why the phuck should he? It's not like they are going to be on his side. Every time the cops came in my room, i'd just pretend like I was heavily sedated. They can talk to his attorney or to the wall.
He was shot three times – in his hand, upper thigh and lower inner thigh.

Brugos said some news reports are getting “sillier and sillier.”

“Someone gave me a story today that claimed I shot Foley three times,” he said yesterday.
Reports have Foley shot three times...but the cop says that's "silly"...so how many times was he shot?...does the cop know?....


Chispa said:
Defensive. So he don't get popped for that offensive thing. ;)

I think it's BS that the cops are having press conferences about this. That's either stupidity or very calculating. There's no in between.
The cops know they're in big truoble and are doing everything they can to try and get out of it. They want foley to say something so they can then turn it against him in some way.

Every thing we'll hear from the cops side of things will be to try and protect them from a lawsuit. Foley should just say speak to my lawyer. And the lawyer should say see you in court cops.

Foley might want to go to a court that is not related to which police force he'll be sueing. My guess is cops have inside people on their courts.


Well-Known Member
Foley will get a good lawyer. Hell, they are probably ringing his agents phone off the hook. Only the best need apply - and they will WANT this case.

Foley shouldn't (and most likely won't) utter a public statement about this case (both civil and/or criminal) until it's settled.

Electric Chair

Well-Known Member
Shamrock said:
Foley will get a good lawyer. Hell, they are probably ringing his agents phone off the hook. Only the best need apply - and they will WANT this case.

Foley shouldn't (and most likely won't) utter a public statement about this case (both civil and/or criminal) until it's settled.
Maybe his lawyer will be able to rush the passer.

You know he's a slick SOB.
I think we're a little too sue-happy as a nation, but this is one case where I think a lawsuit is totally justified--and I'd say that even if it was just some Joe Schmoe off the streets and not a beloved Bolt.

Cop doesn't show his badge, but flashes his gun? Fires warning shots? Warning shots? Makes no apparent effort to wait for the backup that was a minute behind him? Claims Foley reached for a weapon that wasn't there?

Chispa, does it seem to you like it won't be too hard for a good defender to make fact that Foley was DUI (assuming Foley was indeed under the influence) pretty much irrelevant in a lawsuit? I don't mean technically irrelevant, as in disallowed due to relevancy, but I mean irrelevant in the eyes of a jury.
sdchrger said:
Well counselor,

Does this mean he is preparing to go on the offensive?
I think so. I think he's been told not to say a word to the cops/press/anyone...

Someone predicted that he might own a portion of Hotel Del when this is all said and done. :icon_eek:


Well-Known Member
Chispa said:
... I do think that it's very possible that Foley might be facing worse than just a DUI. I'm waiting for the police report to show up on thesmokinggun.com.
It's very possible, but right now (with current info) it would seem stupid and a waste of money.

I think the SO (or whoever is doing the board/panel/etc for determining if it was a justified/legal shoot) needs to think long and hard what giving a "justified" label to this shooting means. Both to the public at large and to the civil suit implications that will come after any criminal case. Also, for future officer safety. This cop went out of his jurisdiction and basically made a felony stop, in plain clothes, in an unmarked car, in un-familiar territory - with questionable backup. He could have drove right into a firefight with locals that were informed they were coming by use of cell phone. Foley also could have had a neighbor like me who would have seen a robbery/murder taking place and acted to protect my neighbor.

Things get confusing when bullets start to fly. I also wouldn't put too much stock into the current chain of events. Those are described by a frightened officer who probably has never discharged a gun except on a range, he's tired after his shift, he's pumped from the adrenalin of the chase, he's trying to justify his actions in his mind, he's worried about his job, his family, even himself. He might even have remorse for what he did to his favorite football team. Whatever he said to his fellow officers may or may not have a whole lot of truth in it.

One big question is - Has the girl talked? Does her story match the officers? Does it differ to help or hinder either Foley or the officer?

Court TV will be interesting this Winter/Spring.


Well-Known Member
Chispa said:
This sounds very credible to me:

"Vecchio said that the high-speed revving of the engine reported by the officer and witnesses was caused by her inability to get Foley's car into gear."​
Does to me too. My Dad still has a 1970 Olds 442 W-30 package with Hurst shifter and 455 engine. Bought it new. Similar (not exact) to what Foley has. If a person had never put one into gear they probably would have problems with it the first time they tried.
Ya, I'd say the following is definitely one key point in the case.

"Addressing another key point in the case, Vecchio said that neither Gaut nor Foley understood that they were dealing with a police officer, so he maintains that the assault against an officer charge must be dropped."

Regardless of the misdemeaner chargers there may eventually be against these two... and from the other things I'm hearing, I expect Foley and Gaut to file suit against the SDPD. I believe the felony charges with probably be dropped or dismissed in court.

Any truth to the rumor that Foley and Mansker had an altercation earlier in the evening.. with Foley still not knowing that Mansker was a cop...


Well-Known Member
Thunderstruck said:
Wow. That's a class A monster of a rant right there. I gotta give the props for the most articulate angry rant I've ever heard.
But was it accurate??:icon_shrug: :icon_huh: