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Charger Injuries

Discussion in 'American Football' started by Concudan, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Concudan

    Concudan Still Chargin Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 5, 2006
    This is for the whole year.

    11/20/2006 Jacques Cesaire Day-to-Day Left ankle
    11/20/2006 Shaun Phillips Day-to-Day Calf
    11/20/2006 Marlon McCree Day-to-Day Knee

    11/17/2006 Derreck Robinson Probable Foot
    11/15/2006 Nick Hardwick Probable Ankle
    11/15/2006 Malcom Floyd Probable Ankle
    11/15/2006 Eric Parker Questionable Neck
    11/15/2006 Luis Castillo Questionable Ankle
    11/15/2006 Bhawoh Jue Probable Knee
    11/12/2006 Eric Parker Day-to-Day Neck
    Derreck Robinson Questionable Foot
    11/08/2006 Shaun Phillips Questionable Calf
    11/08/2006 Marlon McCree Questionable Calf
    11/08/2006 Luis Castillo Out Ankle
    11/08/2006 Vincent Jackson Probable Leg
    11/08/2006 Bhawoh Jue Probable Knee
    11/06/2006 Donnie Edwards Day-to-Day Knee
    11/06/2006 Luis Castillo Day-to-Day Leg
    11/01/2006 Shaun Phillips Questionable Calf
    11/01/2006 Igor Olshansky Probable Knee
    11/01/2006 Clinton Hart Probable Hip
    11/01/2006 Bhawoh Jue Probable Knee
    10/25/2006 Igor Olshansky Out Knee
    10/25/2006 Bhawoh Jue Probable Knee
    10/25/2006 Vincent Jackson Probable Groin
    10/25/2006 Greg Camarillo Probable Knee
    10/25/2006 Shaun Phillips Questionable Calf
    10/25/2006 Malcom Floyd Probable Groin
    10/25/2006 Antonio Gates Probable Hip
    10/25/2006 Mike Goff Probable Finger
    10/23/2006 Shaun Phillips Day-to-Day Right calf
    10/20/2006 Vincent Jackson Questionable Adductor strain
    10/20/2006 Greg Camarillo Questionable Knee
    10/18/2006 Bhawoh Jue Questionable Knee
    10/18/2006 Shane Olivea Questionable Knee
    10/18/2006 Marcus McNeill Questionable Hand
    10/18/2006 Igor Olshansky Out Knee
    10/12/2006 Leander Jordan IR Neck
    10/11/2006 Bhawoh Jue Questionable Knee
    10/11/2006 Marcus McNeill Probable Hand
    10/11/2006 Ryan Krause Probable Hamstring
    10/06/2006 Eric Parker Questionable Hamstring
    10/05/2006 Shawne Merriman Questionable Achilles
    10/04/2006 Ryan Krause Questionable Hamstring
    10/04/2006 Bhawoh Jue Questionable Knee
    10/04/2006 Leander Jordan Questionable Neck
    09/29/2006 Terrence Kiel Out Personal Reasons
    09/27/2006 Leander Jordan Questionable Neck
    09/27/2006 Bhawoh Jue Out Knee
    09/27/2006 Kris Dielman Questionable Hamstring
    09/27/2006 Ryan Krause Questionable Hamstring
    09/27/2006 Keenan McCardell Questionable Hamstring
    09/27/2006 Igor Olshansky Questionable Knee
    09/26/2006 Aaron Shea IR Back
    09/17/2006 Keenan McCardell Day-to-Day Hamstring
    09/13/2006 Aaron Shea Doubtful Back
    09/13/2006 Ryan Krause Questionable Hamstring
    09/13/2006 Leander Jordan Questionable Neck
    09/13/2006 Kris Dielman Questionable Hamstring
    09/13/2006 Cletis Gordon Probable Wrist
    09/13/2006 Igor Olshansky Questionable Knee
    09/06/2006 Aaron Shea Doubtful Back
    09/06/2006 Leander Jordan Questionable Neck
    09/06/2006 Marcus McNeill Probable Hand
    09/06/2006 Cletis Gordon Probable Wrist
    08/29/2006 Phil Archer IR Knee
    08/15/2006 Darren Sproles IR Fractured fibula

  2. BoltsFanUK

    BoltsFanUK Well-Known Member

    Sep 12, 2006
    thats a lot of injuries for 1 team

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