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Bruschi: AFC Defensive Player of the Week?



Sorry, but I do not agree with this choice. Sure I am happy for him that he broke his back to return this quickly from a stroke, but the fact of the matter is that he really was not a factor in the game against Buffalo, IMHO. Any player can pump up the home fans and is a cheesy way to gather votes over plays he was far behind on or tackles that he did not make. The NFL functioned well without TB and did not go bankrupt.

Just because ESPN was giving him more attention than the actual game virtually eliminated other players from other teams who made a difference on the field that day. He's just a football player who plays a game and not someone who saves or defends lives and they made him out to be a hero.

Why not give him the honours every week because Bruschi created gravity or discovered air. :sarcasm:


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
I didn't watch the game. Did he really make that much of an impact?


ChargerRay said:
I didn't watch the game. Did he really make that much of an impact?
When they did decide to show the game and not his wife or Bob Kraft, I would fairly say "no". He was really not in game condition and was behind in plays or he failed to make tackles. That game is not the typical TB we are sometimes use to seeing.

I just feel other players in the AFC could have easily won that award over sympathy.