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Brees wants to get paid big time moola


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member

10 Million a year!

The Drew Brees saga dragged on when he left New Orleans on Sunday afternoon and flew to Miami after promising Dolphins coach Nick Saban that he would pay a visit. Brees seems firm in wanting a $10 million-a-year contract after turning down a six-year, $50 million free-agent offer from the Chargers. The Saints are the closest to meeting the quarterback's demands. The Dolphins aren't offering as much in guarantees as New Orleans, and they seem to have dug in on not doing that with Brees coming off shoulder surgery.
Brees is the top choice of the Dolphins but not for the guarantees he is seeking. He might be able to get them from the Saints.
Nick Saban may have to hold off until Monday to make a decision on this front. Here's the situation: He can sign Brees or he can trade for Daunte Culpepper. The Vikings aren't as adamant about asking for a second-round choice that could upgrade to a No. 1, but they want a second-round draft pick. They won't let Culpepper have a doctor's visit with the Dolphins, only allowing him to talk on the phone with Miami. The Dolphins are holding up the bulk of their aggressive offseason work until they resolve their quarterback situation. In the next 24 hours, their quarterback will be either Culpepper or Brees.
Saban has already gone overtime on this one. The Dolphins will either be in or out of the bidding by Monday.
Meanwhile, the Raiders have resumed talks with the Vikings but made it clear they aren't going to get into a bidding war with another team for Culpepper. If the Vikings are willing to talk to Oakland on their terms, then they will listen.


Well-Known Member
i've argued this Brees thing enough for the day,

sorry I can't contribute in this forum for now, i've said my piece on this 300 times already :icon_banana:


Still Chargin
Staff member
HollywoodLeo said:
i've argued this Brees thing enough for the day,

sorry I can't contribute in this forum for now, i've said my piece on this 300 times already :icon_banana:
Only 300? Feelin under the weather?


Well-Known Member
Nothing wrong with the man trying to get as much as he can. This could end up being his one big payday.

I have a small problem about his whining that the Chargers weren't making efforts to keep him.


Well-Known Member
nothing wrong with him trying to get as much as he can.

My main argument is that his actions contradict him telling everyone who'd listen that he "really wants to finish his career as a Charger"

Because that's obviously not his top priority


Well-Known Member
Won't have him and his weak asssed arm ta kick around any more!!

I remember in 04 against the faidrs on Halloween He ONLY went summmpm like 22/25, 5 TDs, 0 INTs,and it wasn't good enuff for some folks cuz he didn't throw a 50 yard bomb. IN-FREEKIN-CREDIBLE!!!