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Jun 20, 2005
Chula Vista, CA
The LA Chargers are winless through the first month and haters are loving it! On this show, Loren and Ray review the first quarter of the Bolts season and have a lot of fun discussing the ongoing failure of Spanos and his Chargers.

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Jan 13, 2008
Hey guys, it was really nice to hear from you two again. I didn't think I would anymore. I was surprised how many sentiments I shared with you.

I view the team not as a Homer anymore, I am hardly keeping up with the NFL, busy doing other stuff often on Sunday. Im enjoying catching glimpses of the dumpster fire.

I also agree that Rivers may ask to get traded, I don't see how that will work with the family though.

Watching this last game, despite a win, it just seems like the players don't really give a shit. I get the sense they are putting out as much effort as you need to make it look like you're trying so you can continue getting a pay check.

I mean would you be killing yourself for this joke? I know I would be pulling out of tackles, maybe not making that catch so I don't get clobbered, etc

Anyway, been listening to you guys a long time and it was a pleasant surprise to hear from you guys, cheers.
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