BoltTalk Podcast #363 - 01/19/17 - "The End"


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Jun 20, 2005
Chula Vista, CA
“They lived and laughed and loved and left.”
― James Joyce, Finnegans Wake

Join Ray and Loren as we shut the door on the Bolttalk Podcast after 11 years of shows; but we will do it with one hell of a good time. Bring some booze, join us live to talk about your favorite Charger moments, favorite podcast moments, favorite memories of the forum and celebrate the team that was a part of your identity for decades. To those who will stay Charger fans, we wish you the best. To those who will follow other teams, good luck. We had our anger last week, now we celebrate and remember for the last time.

Thank you to all our loyal listeners! We will miss you all!!

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