BoltTalk Podcast #359 - 12/22/16


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Jun 20, 2005
Chula Vista, CA
There's bottom, there's rock bottom, there's six feet under rock bottom and then there is the San Diego Chargers

In what was a repeat of the last few weeks the Chargers lost a close game (to the Raiders 19-16) in which numerous leaks occurred before/during/after the game suggesting the Chargers are gone after the first of the year. But between the Raiders taking over the Q and other on/off the field BS, it's a sad sad day for San Diego Charger fans. Ray and Loren will go over the game, the madness and what is going on with the team, the community and the organization. We'll also get you ready for the ultimate coal in your stocking game as the Chargers travel to Ohio to face the winless Cleveland Browns.

Plus Derek Togerson stops by to chat about the state of the club and possible relocation.

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