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Boltjolts Final 7 Round Mock v3.0

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Boltjolt, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Boltjolt

    Boltjolt Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    My Final version Mock v3.0

    I have included trades and think there could be a lot more but i just made what i thought made sense without getting crazy.

    Last update 4/26/07

    ROUND 1

    1 Oakland Raiders Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech
    The Raiders love Calvin and just dont pick QB's this early. They just dont and wont.

    2 Detroit Lions Joe Thomas T Wisconsin
    Hoping to get some trade action from this spot, it just doesnt happen when the Raiders take CJ. Detroit then gets a need possition and grabs the best OT in the draft.

    3 Cleveland Browns Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma
    No brainer imo as Jamal Lewis is on a 1 year deal and is not the same RB he was. Peterson is by far the best RB in this draft. Has injury concerns but is a dynamite player.

    4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gaines Adams DE Clemson
    Needing to upgrade the pass rush the Bucs take Adams who had 14.5 sacks as a senior and ran a 4.65 and has an excellent burst off the line.

    Arizona trade their #5 pick to Miami for their #9, #60 and #108

    5 Miami Dolphins Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
    Miami gives up their #60 & #108 picks to Arizona.
    The Cards lose out on Thomas and Miami calls to move up and grab a QB. Quinn wont be a headache that Russell will imo who has a bad work ethic

    6 Washington Redskins Amobi Okoye DT Louisville
    Washington wanting to gain some extra picks is SOL. Needing some edge rushers more, they pick Okoye who at 19 years old has tremendous upside and is too good to pass on.

    7 Minnesota Vikings JaMarcus Russell QB LSU
    I know this isnt popular with Minnesota fans but i just cant see then trying to go the season with Tavaris Jackson who is green and not as talented as Russell out of the gate.

    8 Atlanta Falcons Leon Hall CB Michigan
    Im on the fence here but imo they will go CB because Jimmy Williams will make a beter safety for them than he would a CB. Two spots get upgraded imo.

    9 Arizona Cardinals Levi Brown OT Penn st
    The Cards still get a much needed OT and gain a couple of picks from it to help a team that has been down for years.

    10 Houston Texans LaRon Landry S LSU
    Huge upgrade over the two safeties they have . Landry could play either spot but should be taking C.C. Browns spot at FS.

    11 San Franiciso 49ers Patrick Willis ILB Mississippi
    Word ive read is that Mike Nolan really likes what he saw in Willis at the senior bowl where he was the coach. They can use a young stud in the middle. Derek Smith didnt play up to par. Carriker is also a possibility but Willis gets the nod.

    12 Buffalo Billls Marshawn Lynch RB Cal
    The Bills passed on Turner by not wanting to give up a first round pick and they just missed out on Willis so they ruen their attention to Lynch. He carries baggage and is a gamble this high so hopefully he walks the company line.

    13 St Louis Rams Alan Branch DT Michigan
    The Rams really need an upgrade in the middle. Jimmy Kennedy has been a letdown. Glover has been decent but he is going to be 33 this season.

    14 Carolina Panthers Reggie Nelson S Florida
    This was kind of a tough choice. They need a safety as Minter says this is it for him and they lost Williams but they also need a TE. I settled for Nelson because this is imo too high for Olsen who lacks blocking skills.

    15 Pittsburgh Steelers Adam Carriker DE/OLB Nebraska
    The Steelers will most likely play a lot of 3-4 this year but eventually they will make the switch to a 4-3. Carriker is a good fit to play some OLB and he can also play DE in a 4-3 so he gives them a fit for both schemes.

    Green Bay trades their #16 to Denver for their #21 and #70

    16 Denver Broncos Jamal Anderson DE Arkansas
    The Broncos made an attempt to get Kerney from Atlanta and another DE but were unsuccessful so they move up and get Anderson who fell a bit

    17 Jacksonville Jaguars Jon Beason OLB Miami(FL)
    The Jags can use a playmaker on the outside to form a good LB corps of Smith, Ingram and now Beason.

    18 Cincinnati Bengals Darelle Revis CB Pittsburgh
    The Bengals beed a good CB to go along with another young CB in Joseph. They have Deltha O'Neal but dont know for how much longer. Big consideration went to Posluszny here as well.

    Tennesee trades its #19 and a 3rd in 2008 to San Diego for RB Michael Turner. The Titans were holding out for a better deal but on draft day cant let Turner slip away.

    19 San Diego Chargers Michael Griffin S Texas
    The Chargers really need to improve the safety spot which has been a problem for a while. Terrence Kiel was shown the door after subpar play and getting into trouble. Could be a bit early for him but he will be gone shortly after this so AJ Smith strikes while he can.

    20 N.Y. Giants Paul Poluszny OLB Penn st
    After cutting both their starting LB's there now sits a hole. Poluszny is a good football player who should give the Giants some stability.

    21 Green Bay(from Denver) Chris Houston CB Arkansas
    Needing depth because Woodson is a china doll and after him and Harris, there isnt much to speak of. I like Houston a lot but he can be inconsistant.

    22 Dallas Cowboys Robert Meachem WR Tennessee
    Owens and Glenn arent young guys anymore and Meachem not only gives hem youth, but gives them a deep threat who can develope while they still have those two.

    23 Kansas City Chiefs Dwayne Bowe WR LSU
    The Chiefs have needed a WR for years and Bowe gives them a big target WR they havent had. He has a lot of experience being a starter for three years at LSU.

    24 New England Patriots Aaron Ross CB/S Texas
    The Patriots need to replace Harrison at safety and could also use a possible replacement for Assante Samuel who as of this wrting i havent heard what the status on him is. Ross can play safety as well as CB although he doesnt have Harrisons size at 195 lbs

    25 N.Y. Jets Jarvis Moss DE/OLB Florida
    BPA to the Jets at this point who can use another pass rusher and Moss can play OLB in ther 3-4

    26 Philadelphia Eagles Lawrence Timmons OLB Florida st
    I might be off base a bit but i believe the Eagles arent real happy with Dhanni Jones and would like to find another player at OLB.

    The Saints trade their #27 to Cleveland for their #36 and #67

    27 Cleveland Browns Joe Staley OT Central Michigan
    Cleveland in an attempt to get some offense moves up to solidify the OL which has been lacking. With LaCharles Bentley coming back these two will give them a huge boost in their lackluster running game.

    28 New England Patriots David Harris ILB Michigan
    The Pats need ing some youth ay ILB get Harris who had great workout numbers and is a solid player who should fill in nicely for them. May be a bit early for him as well but he has raised his value and he wont last much longer than this....imo anyways.

    29 Baltimore Ravens Justin Blalock OT/OG Texas
    The Ravens lost Pashos which might not be tha big a deal but they do need to replace his spot at OT. Blalock has played both possitions and would be a nice RT and can move to OG if need be.

    30 San Diego Chargers Sidney Rice WR South Carolina
    Rice has great hands and may not be a burner but he is young and has a lot of upside to be a real good one. I have seen Rice's name on a list of players the Chargers have met with so hopefully i have it right here.

    31 Chicago Bears Greg Olsen TE Miami(FL)
    Decent value for Olsen here . He isnt the best blocking TE out there but his playmaking potentual is big. Something the Bears can use from the TE possition.

    32 Indianapolis Colts Justin Harrell DT Tennesee
    The Colts need to get better in the middle to help their run game. Reager is gone and Simon could be so this is a big need for them and they have no 2nd round pick.

    ROUND 2

    33 Oakland Aaron Sears OT Tennessee
    Gallery has been atrocious and Simms is going to be 33. Sears can also play some OG but they did add Newberry and Carlisle .

    34 Detroit Anthoney Spencer DE Purdue
    The Lions need to upgrade the defense ans getting somebody who can get to the QB is a good start.

    36 New Orleans (from Cleveland) Zack Miller TE Arizona st
    The Saints move down and get a TE they have been lacking and a TE that imo fits their system. Miller is a good pass catcher and also is going to help in the run game. He isnt the burner that Olsen is but overall he is more polished.
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  2. Boltjolt

    Boltjolt Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    37 Chicago Ben Grubbs OG Auburn
    Unless im missing something, the Bears have a need to get younger at OG. Rueben Brown has ben around forever and although they can use a OT as well....Grubbs is BPA at a possition that can be upgraded for the future.

    38 Arizona Charles Johnson DE Georgia
    The Cardinals add a player that can give them a better pass rush. After Berry the DE's are suspect and Johnson had a nice season last year.

    The Falcons trade their #39 to Minnesota for their #41 and #182

    39 Minnesota Ted Ginn WR Ohio st
    Yea i know what your saying......no way Ginn lasts this long. You guys could be right, but ever think you could be wrong? He is a good return man i agree but as a WR.....i just dont like him much and think he will struggle in the NFL. Hey i could be wrong but payers fall all the time. Im sure ill hear about this one tho.

    40 Miami Dwayne Jarrett WR USC
    Miami thought they may have a steal on their hands but alas, Ginn didnt fall to them. Jarrett had a good college career at USC but ran a slow time at his proday. Still, he was very productive at USC. His slow time and bad work ethic have ben in question and id like to slide him even further but ...some team will take a chance. Just dont know if Cam Cameron will, but its my mock.

    41 Atlanta(from Minnesota) Ray McDonald DE Florida
    The Falcons move down a couple and get an extra pick and still end up with a DE they really need since Kerney has left.

    42 San Francisco Anthoney Gonzales WR Ohio st
    Gonzales got overshadowed by Ginn a OSU but only goes three picks after him. Gonzales is a tougher player than Ginn imo and wil go over the middle for you without alligator arms and is a decent blocker. The Niners just need some WR help. There isnt that great of talent there when Lelie is one of your starters.

    43 Buffalo Josh Wilson CB Maryland
    Good athlete, very fast and a good kick returner. Just isnt very tall at 5'9" but he is 190 lbs so he isnt a Fred Smoot type guy. Is in possition often but has hands of stone. Buffalo needing to replace Clements gets a good one imo.

    44 Atlanta Tony Ugoh OT Arkansas
    Needing some youth at OT, Ugoh is a good run blocker and is a strong guy and would be able to step in if an injury would occur to one of the aging vets.

    45 Carolina Marcus McCauley CB Fresno st
    Not a real need but a player they feel they cant pass on. Some feel McCauley was a better player than Richard Marshall who McCauley is reunited with. McCauley can prbably move into the nickelbacl slot right away. This gives their secondary a very good group who also got Nelson in the first round.

    46 Pittsburgh Ryan Kalil OC USC
    They have a couple of young guy at OC now but thy arent as good as Kalil is. This is just an upgrade in the middle of their OL.

    47 Green Bay Antonio Pittman RB Ohio st
    Was between Pittman and Irons for me here. I have liked Pittman over the past couple years although he isnt flashy so went with him. For those who may ask...i dont think Brian Leonard is a good fit here.

    48 Jacksonville Brandon Meriweather S Miami(FL)
    Well just how far could he go anyways? Meriweather imo is one of the best three safeties in this draft but concerns about his incidents and the new rule policies backed some teams off but if he can be a good citizen, this is an absolute steal here.

    49 Cincinnati Quinn Pittcock DT Ohio st
    Sam Adams is 100 years old and as big as a house these days. Thornton isnt much younger tho he is but youth is the movement here while adding some talent in the middle of their DL.

    50 Tennessee Eric Wright CB UNLV
    Pacman is suspended for the year so CB is an issue. Wright had his own problems a couple years ago and seems to have learned from it. The Titans sure hope so.

    51 N.Y Giants Jonathon Wade CB Tennessee
    Wade has a lot of upside and im not sure if this is too early or not. Not a guy to pick if you need him to start right away so i think the Giants can afford that here. They just need some player there to take over for Madison eventually. I have always liked Webster and not sure how he is fairing there but this is the year he comes out if he is going to.

    52 ST Louis LaMarr Woodley DE Michigan
    Best value here for the Rams is Woodley at a possition they could stand to get younger at. Leonard Little is now a double digit vet and they just need some more talent there.

    53 Dallas Victor Abiamiri DE/OLB Notre Dame
    The Cowboys need another pass rusher off the edge opposite of Ware. Abiamiri didnt time as well as expected but he has a quick first step. This is a Wade Phillips type of player in his defense.

    54 Kansas City Josh Beekman OG Boston College
    The once great OL they had is aging and calling it quits. Will Shields is the latest. Even Shields backup is an 8 year vet. They need to get some youth. Beekman isnt as tall as you would want and he is a bit slow but he is a solid run blocker.

    55 Seattle Aaron Rouse SS Virginia Tech
    Boulware is a good athlete but he has had trouble adjusting to SS and gave up big plays last season. Rouse isnt that great in coverage either but if Boulware can overcome and get better, Rouse can also see action at LB.

    56 Denver Tanard Jackson FS Syracuse
    John Lynch cant play forever although he sure plays like he can. Jackson is the guy they develope to replace him.

    57 Philadelphia Brian Leonard RB Rutgers
    They have been looking for a big RB for a couple of years now and Leonard not only fits that, he is also a good reciever our o the backfield which they do a lot.

    58 New Orleans Steve Smith WR USC
    Smith is the other guy at USC who was very productive. Ran a good time at the combine which says he could stretch the field and he runs hard when he catches the ball. Will go over the middle type of player.

    59 N.Y. Jets Jason Hill WR Washington st
    Productive WR in college and ran a faster than thought 40 time. Doesnt seem to play up to that speed but his numbers were outstanding. The Jets have been shoping Justin McCareins and he could be released if there are no takers. Even if he stays, they could use a productive WR.

    60 Arizona(from Miami) Rufus Alexander OLB Oklahoma
    Rufus was a very productive player and Arizona needs that type of player. Orlando Huff and Daryl Blackstock havent been the answers.

    61 Baltimore DeMarcus Tyler DT North Carolina st
    This pick was a tough one for me. They can use some depth at safety and Weddle would fit nicely but can also use a OLB but they do have Dan Cody and Jarrett Johnson who havent gotten their shot yet. Cody was very good in colege but suffered a nee injury as a rookie. They also imo can use another NT where their starter right now is 30 year old Gregg Kelley which is why im going with Tyler here. Tyler has immaturity issues but is a terrific DT and he is very stong. He needs to add a little weight to play NT but he could be a great one if he gets it together.

    62 San Diego Quintin Moses DE/OLB Georgia
    Not a big need but they can use some depth and a playmaker in case of injury. Backups Marquis Harris and Carlos Polk played well when called upon but Moses is a player they couldnt pass up. He will have to learn a new scheme and possition but has good upside.

    63 N.Y. Jets Brandon Mebane DT Cal
    They just havent gotton the production they thought they would get from Robinson and the others arent much either.

    64 Tampa Bay Eric Weddle S Utah
    Safety is not a strong possition they have sense they let John Lynch walk but getting Weddle gives them a very good athlete and football player who does many things well. He can also play CB but might be best suited to stay at safety. He plays hard all the time which is something Gruden will love about him.
  3. Boltjolt

    Boltjolt Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    ROUND 3

    65 Oakland Trent Edwards QB Stanford

    66 Detroit Buster Davis MLB Florida st

    67 New Orleans(from Cleveland) Turk McBride DT Tennessee

    68 Tampa Bay Craig Davis WR LSU

    69 Arizona Kenny Irons RB Auburn

    70 Green Bay(from Denver) Aundre Allison WR East Carolina

    71 Miami Ryan Harris OT Notre Dame

    72 Minnesota Tim Crowder DE Texas

    73 Houston James Marten OT Boston College

    74 Buffalo Brandon Siler MLB Florida

    75 Atlanta Michael Bush RB Louisville

    76 San Francisco Ryan McBean DE/DT Oklahoma st

    77 Pittsburgh Fred Bennett CB South Carolina

    Green Bay trades their pick #78 to Oakland for WR Randy Moss

    78 Oakland(from Green Bay) Tony Hunt RB Penn st

    79 Jacksonville Drew Stanton QB Michigan st

    80 Tennesee Jonnie Lee Higgins WR UTEP

    81 N.Y. Giants Marshall Yanda OT Iowa

    82 ST Louis Manny Ramirez OG Texas Tech

    83 Carolina H.D. Blades MLB Pittsburgh

    84 Kansas City Kenny Scott CB Georgia Tech

    85 Seattle Ben Patrick TE Delaware

    86 Denver Quincy Black LB New Mexico

    87 Dallas Doug Free OT Northern Ilinois

    88 New Orleans Stewart Bradley OLB Nebraska

    89 N.Y. Jets Matt Spaeth TE Minnesota

    90 Philadelphia John Wendling S Wyoming

    91 New England Sabby Piscitelli SS Oregon st

    92 Buffalo Paul Williams WR Fresno st

    93 San Diego Anthony Waters ILB Clemson

    94 Chicago Tim Shaw OLB Penn st

    95 Indianapolis Justin Durant OLB Hampton

    96 San Diego( comp pick) Brandon Frye OT Virginia Tech

    97 San Francisco(comp pick) Josh Gattis FS Wake Forrest

    98 Indianapolis(comp pick) Terrell Brown CB Texas

    99 Oakland(comp pick) Paul Saliai DT Utah

    ROUND 4

    100 Oakland Ikaika Alama-Francis DE Hawaii

    101 Detroit Daymeion Hughes CB Cal

    102 Tampa Bay Stephen Nicholas OLB South Florida

    103 Cleveland David Irons CB Auburn

    104 San Francisco Andy Alleman OG Akron

    105 Arizona Adam Koets OT Oregon st

    106 Minnesota Lorenzo Booker RB Florida st

    107 Houston Kareem Brown DT Miami(FL)

    108 Arizona(from Miami) Michael Johnson S Arizona

    109 Atlanta Leroy Harris OC North Carolina st

    110 San Francisco Travarous Bain CB Hampton

    111 Buffalo Earl Everett OLB Florida

    112 Green Bay Scott Chandler TE Iowa

    113 Jacksonville Dan Bazuin DE Central Michigan

    114 Cincinnati Zak DeOssie OLB Brown

    115 Tennesee Brian Robison DE Texas

    116 N.Y. Giants Mason Crosby K Colorado

    117 St Louis Courtney Taylor WR Auburn

    118 Carolina Gabe Hall OT Texas Tech

    119 Pittsburgh Juwan Simpson OLB Alabama

    120 Seattle Jay Moore DE Nebraska

    121 Atlanta Marcus Thomas DT Florida

    122 Dallas Michael Coe CB Alabama st

    123 New Orleans John Beck QB BYU

    124 San Francisco Samson Satele OC Hawaii

    125 New Orleans Nate Harris MLB Louisville

    126 Indianapolis(from NO for Jason David) Rhema McKnight WR Notre Dame

    127 New England Desmond Bishop ILB Miss st

    128 Tennessee Jay Alford DT Penn st

    129 San Diego A.J. Davis CB North Carolina st

    130 Chicago Mike Otto OT Purdue

    131 Indianapolis Daren Stone FS Maine

    132 Pittsburgh(comp pick) Dwayne Wright RB Fresno st

    133 Atlanta(comp pick) Troy Smith QB Ohio st

    134 Baltimore(comp pick) Prescott Burgess OLB Michigan

    135 San Francisco(comp pick) David Clowney WR Virginia Tech

    136 Indianapolis(comp pick) Darius Walker RB Notre Dame

    137 Baltimore(comp pick) Kevin Kolb QB Houston

    ROUND 5

    138 Oakland Mansfield Wrotto OG Georgia Tech

    139 Detroit Jordan Palmer QB UTEP

    140 Cleveland Jacoby Jones WR Lane

    141 Tampa Bay David Patterson DT Ohio st

    142 Arizona Baraka Atkins DE Miami(FL)

    143 Washington Kasey Studdard OG Texas

    144 Houston C.J. Gattis CB Clemson

    145 Detroit Chris Henry RB Arizona

    146 Minnesota Ryan Smith CB Florida

    147 San Francisco DeShawn Wynn RB Florida

    148 Kansas City(from St Louis) Mike Walker WR Central Florida

    149 Atlanta C.J. Ah You DE Oklahoma

    150 Jacksonville Steve Breaston WR Michigan

    151 Cincinnatti Jesse Daniels SS LSU

    152 Tennessee Rory Johnson OLB Ole Miss

    153 N.Y. Giants Chansi Stuckey WR Clemson

    154 Detroit Dan Santucci OG Notre Dame

    155 Carolina Kevin Boss TE Western Oregon

    156 Pittsburgh Uche Nwaneri OG Purdue

    157 Green Bay Keith Jackson DT Arkansas

    158 Detroit Chase Pittman DE LSU

    159 Dallas Doug Datish OC Ohio st

    160 Kansas City Jacob Ford DE Central Arkansas

    161 Seattle Tim Duckworth OG Auburn

    162 Philadelphia Antonio Johnson DT Miss st

    163 New Orleans DeAndre Jackson CB Iowa st

    164 N.Y. Jets Allen Barbre OT Missouri Southern st

    165 Oakland Martrez Milner TE Georgia

    166 Baltimore Usama Young CB Kent st

    167 San Diego Jackie Battle RB Houston

    168 Chicago Brandon Jackson RB Nebraska

    169 Indianapolis Justin Warren MLB Texas A&M
  4. Boltjolt

    Boltjolt Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    170 Pittsburgh(comp pick) Joe Anoai DT/DE Georgia Tech

    171 New England(comp pick) Kolby Smith RB Louisville

    172 San Diego(comp pick) Joe Newton TE Oregon st

    173 Indianapolis(comp pick) Kyle Young OC Fresno st

    174 Baltimore(comp pick) LeRon McClain FB Alabama

    ROUND 6

    175 Oakland Legedu Naanee WR Boise st

    176 Denver Laurent Robinson WR Illinois st

    177 N.Y. Jets Courtney Brown CB Cal-Poly

    178 Cleveland Walter Thomas DT N.W. Mississippi CC

    179 Washington Mkristo Bruce DE Washington st

    180 New England Jacob Bender OT Nicholls st

    181 Miami Justin Hickman DE/OLB UCLA

    182 Atlanta(from Minnesota) Antwan Applewhite DE SDSU

    183 Houston Brandon Myles WR West Virginia

    184 Buffalo J.D. Nelson FS Oregon

    185 Atlanta Zach Catanese FS Arizona st

    186 San Francisco Tyler Palko QB Pittsburgh

    187 Cincinnatti Jordon Kent WR Oregon

    188 Tennessee Mike Jones OG Iowa

    189 N.Y. Giants Dallas Sartz OLB USC

    190 St Louis Mario Henderson OT Florida st

    191 Carolina Tala Esera OG Hawaii

    192 Pittsburgh Roy Hall WR/TE Ohio st

    193 Green Bay Herbert Taylor OT TCU

    194 Jacksonville Jake Kuresa OG BYU

    195 Dallas Brandon Harrison SS Stanford

    196 Kansas City Joe Cohen DT Florida

    197 Seattle Jeremy Clark DT Alabama

    198 Denver Corey Hilliard OT Oklahoma st

    199 Miami Anthoney Arline CB Baylor

    200 Dallas Brian Daniels OG Colorado

    201 Philadelphia Jay Richardson DE Ohio st

    202 New England Dan Mozes OC West Virginia

    203 Baltimore Jeff Rowe QB Nevada

    204 Tennessee Yamon Figurs WR Kansas st

    205 Washington Will Herring SS Auburn

    206 Tennessee Andrew Carnahan OT Arizona st

    207 Baltimore(comp pick) Willis Barringer FS Michigan

    208 New England(comp pick) C.J. Wilson CB Baylor

    209 New England(comp pick) Victor DeGrate DE/OLB Oklahoma st

    210 Seattle(comp pick) Tony Taylor OLB Goergia

    ROUND 7

    211 Oakland Clint Session OLB Pittsburgh

    212 Dallas Derek Landri DT/DE Notre Dame

    213 Cleveland Nick Roach OLB Northwestern

    214 Tampa Bay Kenneth Darby RB Alabama

    215 Arizona Jared Zabransky QB Boise st

    216 Washington KaMichael Hall OLB Georgia Tech

    217 Minnesota Eric Frampton S Washington st

    218 Houston Sam Olajubutu OLB Arkansas

    219 Miami Louis Leonard DT Frsno st

    220 New Orleans Jermon Bushrod OT Towson

    221 Chicago Melvin Bullit SS Texas A&M

    222 Buffalo Cory Anderson FB Tennessee

    223 Tennessee David Jones CB Wingate

    224 N.Y. Giants Selvin Young RB Texas

    225 St Louis Gerald Alexander CB Boise st

    226 Carolina Keyunta Dawson DE Texas Tech

    227 Pittsburgh Jonathan Palmer OT Auburn

    228 Green Bay Brandon Sharp FS Louisville

    229 Jacksonville Michael Allan TE Whitworth

    230 Cincinnati Danta Rosario TE Oregon

    231 Kansas City Roderick Rogers S Wisconsin

    232 Seattle James Jones WR San Jose st

    233 Denver Conrad Bolston DT Maryland

    234 Dallas Justin Medlock K UCLA

    235 Green Bay Mark Zalewski LB Wisconsin

    236 Philadelphia Scott Stevenson OC Iowa st

    237 Dallas Chris Leak QB Florida

    238 Miami Matt Herian TE Nebraska

    239 Buffalo Steve Vallos OG Wake Forrest

    240 Chargers Stanley Doughty DT South Carolina

    241 Chicago Brian Smith OLB Missouri

    242 Indianapolis Ramzee Robinson CB Alabama

    243 Green Bay(comp pick) Larry Birdine DE Oklahoma

    244 Atlanta(comp pick) Ola Dagunduro DT Nebraska

    245 Tampa Bay(com pick) Abraham Wright DE Colorado

    246 Tampa Bay(com pick) Jeff Samardzija WR Notre Dame

    247 New England(comp pick) Derek Schouman TE Boise st

    248 St Louis(comp pick) Adam Podlesh P Maryland

    249 St Louis(comp pick) Markus Hamilton CB Virginia

    250 N.Y. Giants(comp pick) Keith Quarterman OG Louisville

    251 Jacksonville(comp pick) Rashad Barksdale CB Albany

    252 Jacksonville(comp pick) Dedrick Harrington MLB Missouri

    253 Cincinnati(comp pick) Quinton Culberson MLB Miss st

    254 Oakland(comp pick) Marquice Cole CB Northwestern

    255 Detroit(comp pick) Joel Filani WR Texas Tech
  5. Boltjolt

    Boltjolt Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    Anythings possible my friend, but i am telling you it is a lock that Oakland is picking CJ. Gruden isnt stupid enough to cave to Al and give up the farm. If he doesnt win this year he will be gone. But if he does cave...then he desrves to be fired if they s uck again.
  6. Boltjolt

    Boltjolt Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    Aint happening, but i wont gloat when he passes on them either.

    Al has picked ONE first round QB EVER...and he was a pot smoking bust!
  7. Thumper

    Thumper WHS

    Aug 24, 2005
    Interesting mock. I don't know if I agree on everything, but some of your picks are dead on. I still think the Raiders take Russel #1, but it wouldn't surprise me if they go with Johnson. Guess we'll have to wait for draft day to find out for sure.
  8. PhillyChargerFan

    PhillyChargerFan Well-Known Member

    Sep 25, 2006
    BJ GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

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