Best Buy's Perfect Secret to Screw You!

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Staff member
Jun 20, 2005
Chula Vista, CA
Found this on a blog.

(I recieved this in an email from a friend that currently works at Best Buy. He made a copy up at the logistics counter of his store and emailed it to me verbatim. Being a past employee myself, I would have to say that this is right along the lines of Best Buy's 'tactics')

"The Perfect Sale" - 6 Steps to Success


1) Introduce the PSP (product service plan) in your presentation. Do not wait till the end.
Sales Associate: I understand your daughter is going off to college, and while she'll be away we offer a protection plan that will cover anything that goes wrong with her computer/laptop.
Customer: No, I'm not interested
SA: Well it's something that you really should look into. Because if anything were ever to go wrong with your daughters computer she would have to take it in to be repaired. To give you an estimate, we charged $60/hr to decide what is wrong with it and $80/hr to fix it not including additional parts that may be needed.
C: I really don't need that, doesn't the computer come with a warranty.
S: Well that's a good question. This computer comes with a 6 month warranty but does not cover parts. Know here is a side by side comparison of what we cover and what the manufacturer covers.( hand customer comparison sheet and fill it out in front of him/her).
C: Ok, but I'm really not interested I just want the computer.
S: Are you sure, because you are really passing up a great deal here, if something ever happens while your daughter is away she could have no computer for up to a month.
C:No, I'm sure.
*1*At this time make sure to sell at least 3 accessories and if it is a laptop make sure to offer a bundle deal and a Platinum PSP**
*2*Once you have successfully added at least 3 accessories to the sale take the customer to a mobile register away from the floor traffic.**
*3*Since you Have been unsuccessful selling the Service Plan, Have another associate go with you to "help you" ring up the sale.**
*4*The other associate will help you tag team the customer. The other associates job at this point is to point out how amazing the computer is and what a great deal it is. Once you scan the computer/laptop the Kiosk will ask you if the customer wants the Service Plan. The accompanying sales associate will say, "hey did 'Joe' tell you about the Service Plan that covers anything that may go wrong with your computer...?**
*5* If your accompanying associate is unable to get the Service Plan then you must say, "I'm sorry I'm new here and there seems to be something wrong with my kiosk, I'll be right back with my supervisor and he will be able to fix it."**
*6* You return with your Supervisor, and now You, the accompanying associate and your supervisor Tag Team the Customer Once again until the Service Plan is accepted by the Customer.**

It should not take you till step 6 to close the sale, but if you are unsuccessful in the beginning you must follow the set procedures. Your Supervisor will conduct Roll-Playing During This Month's Sunday Morning Monthly Meeting.


Aug 17, 2005
"Roll-Playing"?? Is that where they sit around and roll dice for an hour, maybe Bunko or something?

I would love for them to try that caca on me now that I'm wise on them!!! :shock:


Well-Known Member
Nov 16, 2005
I recently bought a Gateway laptop from Best Buy, and the service plan...I think to not buy the service plan is plain Stoooooooopid!!

My only bitch is they didn't have the laptop I wanted in stock, and I'da hadta wait a week, but I'm happy with what I got.


Well-Known Member
Nov 16, 2005
I did pay a pretty penny to have the Geek Squad come out and fix my network, but it was worth it to me.


Well-Known Member
Nov 16, 2005
And fly Carrie in as a consultant, I s'pose!!:icon_eek: :icon_mrgreen: :lol: :icon_rofl: