Banner and Avatar Instructions

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Aug 23, 2005
If you want to put a banner or an Avatar on you account, follow these simple instructions and you will be able to do it.


First thing you need to do is check to make sure the Avatar you want to use is in the size regulations. If it is not, the system will not accept the avatar, and will tell you to try again.
Secon, go to your Profile, then at the bottom you have 3 possible choices of what to do for the avatar. ChargerRay has nicely put a lot of possible avatars up there for you to choose from, so you can easily click on "Show Gallery" and a bunch of pictures will come up. Find one you like and click the radio button underneath it (the little circle button). You can only select one, but when you have, click on "Select Avatar". If you don't find something, well, then click on "Cancel Avatar"
Next method... You can select an Avatar from your computer, again, make sure it is in size and it'll upload just fine. All you do is click on browse, find your image where ever you have it, select it, and click open. That simple.
Last method, having an image on the internet to use. Here's where it may get a little difficult for some... Check out my avatar:

If you click on THIS LINK you will see that this image is stored on a seperate web page all by itself. Now that you are back here, Right click on that picture of my avatar in this post and select properties. You will see a box come up. Under URL, you will see this:
This is the same link that I already put up there to show you where my avatar is stored. Now, you will need to copy that link, so, highlight it and push CTRL-C. Then, go back to the Profile page and click on the box next to where it says Upload Avatar from a URL and press CTRL-V to paste that URL in the box. Press submit at the bottom and BAM, you got yourself a brand spanking new avatar to use. Enjoy.


Banners are pretty much the same as the avatar, but here's the low down on that too. First off, with banners, there really aren't any stored somewhere, you have to find them for yourself, have them made, or select from a banner in the other places around here like the threads that we have going on in this forum. When you do, simply follow the instructions above for retrieving the URL for your banner, then put it in the signature block. The only thing there is, you will need to use the code to do it. We will use ChargerRay's banner as an example...

Here's the url for his banner...
If you want to put this image in a post, you will need to use BB code to do it.
ends the code for images... If you place those around that url, you get this:

and here's the code to do it:
You can add words and things like that all over your banner and create a custom signature. You can also change colors and things like that. Have fun with it, and just try to do things... If you need a test place, just put them in here, tell me when you're done testing, and I will delete them for you.

Well, have fun here at and if you need a banner, go to Banner Request and let me know....
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