Any Penn & Teller fans in here Fool Us Thread


Lone Wolf
Apr 10, 2010
Just watching another episode of Fool Us and I had to laugh to myself again at the winners trophy that they give for fooling them.

All I see is the BIG F U! Lol great trophy design/show name tie-in.

It makes such a awesome mantle piece. "george" whats that big FU award for? "fooler" I fucked up Penn and Teller on national broadcast tv.

It is a great show honestly even if im in it for the foolin even though i know like they know its all a smoke show. First season they had a british actour for the host and he was hilarious and great. When they brought in Allison... (american pie dominatrix nerd girl) it was kind of good/cringey but seasons later and she is just as much a staple character of the show as Penn and Teller *and the former host* was and continues to be. Best part is the ending Penn and Teller perform/breakdown a trick and its always very fun to see.