Another Good One Gone Too Soon


Lone Wolf
Apr 10, 2010
It is with a heavy heart that I feel it is worth informing as many as I know about a great guy who recently passed away.

He wasn't famous. He was just another one of God's vessels that always overflowed with kindness. I regret to inform you all you missed out on knowing one of the best human beings I've had the luck and pleasure to have met and worked with.

Hershel White passed away at 32.

His obit in addition to not seeing him for years had me in tears. I would strongly recommend everyone to read through it and at least have a good look at a great person gone too soon.

Herschel Andrew Lee White, 32, of Jefferson City, MO, passed away Saturday, May 7, 2022.

Herschel was born “a miracle baby” on August 13, 1989, in Columbia, MO, and was raised by his mother and step-father, Elizabeth and Kevin Nilges. He was married on October 14, 2017 in Sedalia to Sarah (Kinder) White.

Herschel graduated from Rockbridge High School in 2007. Currently, he was 4th generation of the family business, Fence Pro. Previously, he worked security management at Kohls, as a salesman at Joe Machens Ford, and as a realtor.

He was a member of Capital West Christian Church, and had a podcast, Guided Light, to share God’s message. He loved his church family and volunteered in various programs.

An outdoorsman, Herschel took delight in nature, birdwatching, and enjoyed being in the country. He loved taking River for nature walks and playing at the park. He loved cars and motorcycles, and prized his hot wheels collection. He traveled to various car rallies and was proud to host local car shows. A passionate musician, he enjoyed singing karaoke and playing the drums and guitar. It was important that he shared his love of music with River. He was also a talented photographer who enjoyed taking photos of nature and his family. Herschel started his own business, Mainstream Vinyl. Working side by side with Sarah, his creativity and the business blossomed. His endless talent was surpassed only by his honesty, integrity, and compassion for others. He was always an inspiration to everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him and he had a way of bringing out the best in people. Herschel and Sarah first met in 2013. They quickly became best friends and knew they were meant to be together forever. However, his greatest achievement was his daughter, River. They shared a special bond, and he fondly called her Boopi-Doo.

Survivors include: his loving wife, Sarah; daughter, River Mae Grace; parents, Kevin and Elizabeth Nilges of New Bloomfield; siblings, Courtney Cash of Jefferson City, Brianna Garriott (Colton) of Columbia, Emily Nilges of New Bloomfield, and Nikki White (fiancée, Keely Mullen) of Texas; father and mother-in-law, Jim and Angie Kinder of Harrisburg; brother-in-law, Aaron Kinder of Lee’s Summit; sister-in-law, Rachel Kinder (Kieran Chang) of Philadelphia; niece and nephew, Noah and Kenley; and his best friend, Clint Kempker (Harlee) and their daughter, Harper.

He was preceded in death by his paternal grandfather, Wendell White.

Rest in peace, dear friend.
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