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...and you thought you had job perks?

Discussion in 'Balboa Park' started by Thumper, May 17, 2007.

  1. Thumper

    Thumper WHS

    Aug 24, 2005
    I've had some good job perks before, but I found this list of perks that some have at their companies. :icon_huh:

    - At a new York consulting firm called Inlumen, employees get a cash award of $50 a month to spend on "someone they love."

    - Boot manufacturer Timberland offers a $3,000 subsidy to any employee who buys a gas/electric hybrid car.

    - Workers at New Belgium Brewing in Colorado get a free bike on their one-year anniversary with the company (They make Fit Tire beer). And after five years, they get a free trip...to Belgium.

    - BMW Financial Services pays all healthcare costs for workers and their families. And if the employee doesn't have a family, the company will help out there, too, with $30,000 toward fertility treatments.

    - Acuity Insurance has a well-stoked fish pond on the company campus. Workers get to keep what they catch. Another perk: Acuity pays for Weight Watchers - but only if the employee meets his or her goal weight.

    - Outdoor supply company Patagonia will pay for employees to go on a two-month "environmental crusade."

    - The OhioHealth hospital system provides free conciege service to it's 15,200 workers. Everybody, from doctors to janitors, has someone to run any errand, such as feeding pets, meeting repair workers at home, or waiting in line for concert tickets.

    - At the University of Notre Dame, children of staff and faculty get four years of tuition. And if they don't want to go to Notre Dame, the college will pay 30% of the cost to attend another college.

    - In addition to regular sick days and vacation time, the Calvert Group, an investment firm in Maryland, provides workers wath an extra 12 paid days off per year to do valunteer work.
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  2. MtlBoltsFan

    MtlBoltsFan Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern 2016

    Jun 27, 2006
    My first ever job had the 'Gawd position' perk. I got to sit on a chair elevated about 6 feet and got to see down the shirts of hot french whores. Handled 5000+ customers a day and there was major nip slippage at least 2 on average per day and bras aplenty. Gawd that was actually a great job, sitting on my azz staring at cleavage. Those were the days. It was ****ing trailer park boys style hanging out with drunk white trash canadians.
  3. SDRaiderH8er

    SDRaiderH8er Well-Known Member

    Apr 27, 2006
    They have a lot of Van Pools here at North Island. And if you do ride in one of those, they give you a "Voucher" every Month, that voucher is worth $$$$$, and you use that to help pay for your Gas, and usage of the Van Pool. In other words you can get free or very cheap transportation to and from North Island pretty much from anywhere in Southern California as some people commute everyday from Temecula, Los Angeles, and the Riverside Counties. Obviously it does not pay for everything as those gas prices do vary. So in some Van Pools those vouchers can be well worth over a $100.00 a month.

    People have been caught selling them on E-Bay.
  4. Lightning's Girl

    Lightning's Girl Mod Chick =) Staff Member Moderator

    Jan 15, 2007
    Sheesh.....where do I sign up??
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