An Unwelcome Encore Performance By America's Finest Circus!

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Sep 10, 2005
To Whom It May Concern,

It is sad to note that last Friday America's Finest Circus returned for an encore performance.

When last displayed for public national ridicule in July of 2005, the City of San Diego sorry acts included: a recently concluded mayoral race decided by a bubble, soaring illegal public debt with no end in sight, the SEC and FBI excitingly hunting the trail of an entire City Council and Pension Board deemed guilty of financial cover-up, and a “City in Deep Pause”, one likely soon to be beached belly up by a former surf shop owner wannabe new mayor.

And of course the lead circus act at that time was the political trial and conviction of two idiotic City Councilmembers for doing a little “no touch” favor. The nationally recognized 3rd worse city mayor of the country’s 7th largest city had just resigned and the councilmember selected to serve as interim mayor in his stead and who was literally on his way to his very first public meeting as interim mayor, got detoured to federal court and judged guilty of political corruption instead.

Last Friday's newest circus act featured an unfortunate "Strong" Dancing Bear who thought he could flip the script of the City's past sad silly act into one that would work to maintain a regional asset in the short and long-term best interest of the community audience he was recently hired to serve as mayor. But on Friday, he finally realized and accepted the fact that his supporting cast from the get go had hamstrung him and that they do not have the talent, future vision, nor the competence to exchange their sad script for his better one.

And while I can appreciate our first strong mayor's somewhat evident attempt to get things moving positively on the Chargers new stadium proposal when he first made his debut, I do not appreciate his publicly stated rationale on Friday for his complete failure to do so. To announce that "the City of San Diego has neither the money or the time to work on this issue" is an insult to everyone's general intelligence other than perhaps that of the limited intelligence of the City Council and City Attorney.

While the City of San Diego indeed does not have any money due to the past and current documented incompetence and perhaps even fraudulent activity of its City Council, the reality is that the Chargers new stadium proposal at Qualcomm Stadium did not require any public funding from the City of San Diego as in none. And while our City Mayor professes to not have the time to deal with this obvious critical regional sports issue, it is also evident that he has plenty of time to push forward on the issue involving a municipal golf course. This despite the clear fact that the loss of a municipal golf course would be several orders of magnitude less than that of the fiscal, economic and social community negative short and long-term impacts incurred with the relocation of the San Diego Chargers outside of the County of San Diego.

In an effort to put a good face on this latest sorry circus act, the new Major of San Diego also announced on Friday that he would now permit the San Diego Chargers to pursue a potential stadium deal with non-circus sister municipalities in the County of San Diego prior to January 1st, 2007 when everyone in the world can do so. Beyond the fact that this permission should have been granted 4 months ago or for that matter when the City Council voted in February of 2005 not to hire it's own stadium consultants or at the very least when the Ultimate Sports Troll aka Bruce Henderson was hired by the City itself, even this much belated announcement was immediately put on hold by a seemingly always present persistent publicity seeking clown aka the City Attorney.

He of the apparent insufficient common sense (if any at all) required to understand first, that Chargers are extremely unlikely to change their name if they remain in the County of San Diego and second, whether the Chargers change their name or not, what possible business is it of the City Council of San Diego or it's City Attorney both of whom have set the stage for the Chargers to leave in the first place.

As sorry circus acts go, this latest is indeed the sorriest. For whereas, the citizens of the City of San Diego will no doubt sooner than later recover from the consequences of the current fiscal insolvency and political malfeasance as practiced by our past/current City Council and City Attorney and do so inspite of them, the likelihood is great that because of them and in the name of 60 acres, the San Diego Chargers will soon no longer be around and never return to serve as a major regional asset enjoyed by the hundreds of thousands of San Diego citizens and residents of the region all seeking to escape from the sad day-to-day reality of America's Finest Circus.

An Unwelcome Encore Performance By America's Finest Circus!

Caryl S. Foster

PS: I will also give our new mayor credit for recognizing the hard fact that if the Chargers do leave, the eventual development of the Qualcomm site to its highest and best use will still require the same if not additional public infrastructure improvements at a cost of $200 Million+ which the City of San DIego will not have the ability to fund in the near future but which would have been paid for privately by the San Diego Chargers at no cost to the City.


Aug 24, 2005
ChargerRay said:
I truly hope that the Bolts stay in town. Chula Vista/National city would be my choice for a stadium.
I think they need to stay in Mission Valley right where they are. Nowhere else would be right. :no: