Amazing footage of San Diego back in 1970


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Mar 5, 2006
When my wife's family moved to Poway, it was the main street and horse pastures.
When I moved there in the early 80's it was open fields and houses...

Now it is a little city.

They still have the hamburger factory, so that is a bonus...
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Sep 1, 2017
Holy crap, didn't realize this was on here til now. Thanks much for posting Ray. Brings back very fond memories. I was in my 3rd year at UCSD. Drove this city all over the place and many of those are places I used to frequent. Harbor Dr. I just glanced at but I have to go thru em all and pick out stuff. What a change over the years. I miss the old days badly. Really nostalgic stuff. That's our city, America's Finest. A lot of what I had during that time, family, is gone so it's bittersweet looking at it all knowing they were all alive then. We are priviliged to have had SD as a home. Can't really think of anywhere I'd rather have grown up and had roots with family. I guess all that long history and those memories are why I'm so passionate and disgusted my team is now gone to LA. I just cannot wrap my head around that. When I left for Detroit for 4 years in 1972 I tried to catch any games I could on an old black and white TV I reclaimed from a dumpster behind my apt. I didn't see many but when I got one thru all the interfenence on that crappy tv I was thrilled. And those were the Svare years IIRC....they really sucked the big one LOL. It was a prelude to the Prothro/Don Coryell era though, little did I realize in Detroit we'd end up with an amazing team under Coryell and had that to look forward to when I got back to CA.
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