All ado about nothing - Eli - 352 yards - 102.9 QB rating

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Sep 19, 2005
Ok granted Qualcomm erupted last night, at times deafening, but is deosnt really matter. Chargers won the game on the playmakers back. LT, Brees, McCardell, Gates, and O'Neal. Lets give credit where credit is do. Cam Cameron called a great game, im glad Marty let him call the game without getting scared.

But the o-line was the not same, props go out to the starting five. Great blocking for LT, and Bress.

On a bad note, the Giants just exposed the secondary very bad. Eli's line, 24-of-41 for 352 yards and two touchdowns, and a 102.9 QB rating.

So moral of the stroy, talks cheap. let the players decide what to write about on monday morning. Personally im glad this is over with, im tired about hearing about Eli not wanting to come to SD.

Chances are if he would have come to Sd, he'd be on the bench right now like Phillip Rivers. So Charger fans, why take it personally, he just wanted to play football. And he is, in NY. Plus you got your win, not can we all let this thing die?

PS Cincinnati Bengals are the REAL DEAL.


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
Jun 20, 2005
Chula Vista, CA
No more Eli talk. It's done, over. I'm glad he didn't come here. We won't have to see the big baby for along time. Unless we face each other in the Super Bowl. Which is almost impossible because Eli will never take the Giants to the big show.

NFL Adam

Aug 4, 2005
Eli showed he was a Manning by putting up huge passing numbers, but his team ultimately losing in the end.


Aug 17, 2005
NFL Adam said:
Eli showed he was a Manning by putting up huge passing numbers, but his team ultimately losing in the end.
Eli showed that he was just like his dad. Good numbers and a loss. :lol: