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Ahmad Brooks taken by the Bengals in the draft


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Here's the order for the 2006 Supplemental Draft, which was scheduled to get underway at 1:00 p.m. EDT.

1. San Francisco

2. Houston

3. Tennessee

4. Green Bay

5. Detroit

6. Baltimore

7. New Orleans

8. Philadelphia

9. Buffalo

10. Arizona

11. Cleveland

12. St. Louis

13. Oakland

14. New York Jets

15. Miami

16. San Diego

17. Kansas City

18. Minnesota

19. Atlanta

20. Dallas

21. Jacksonville

22. Cincinnati

23. Carolina

24. Seattle

25. New York Giants

26. Chicago

27. Tampa Bay

28. Indianapolis

29. Pittsburgh

30. Washington

31. New England

32. Denver

The order is determined via a weighted lottery based on the 2006 draft order. For each round, teams have ten minutes to decide whether to use a pick on a player. If two teams or more teams put in a claim on a player in a given round, the team with the highest priority gets the player.

The player most likely to be selected is former Virginia linebacker Ahmad Brooks. Since the 49ers have first priority and are one of the teams believed to be most interested (indeed, San Fran coach Mike Nolan was the only head coach present for Brooks' Pro Day workout), a team like the Giants or the Dolphins will have to predict when the Niners would make a move, and jump on Brooks one round earlier.

Using a pick in the Supplemental Draft results in a forfeiture of that pick in the April 2007 draft. Also, the team using a pick in a given round must actually hold the rights to the pick -- if the pick has already been traded away in a given round by the team, the team can't use a pick in that round for the Supplemental Draft.


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Two league sources advise us that the Cincinnati Bengals have selected linebacker Ahmad Brooks in the third round of the Supplemental Draft.

It figures.

Perhaps Marvin Lewis and the Bengals should change the name of the third round to the "turd" round, since they've now used three consecutive picks in round three on guys of questionable character.

In the 2005 draft, Lewis snagged receiver Chris Henry, who has since been arrested four times. In April 2006, Lewis took defensive end Frostee Rucker, who has faced multiple accusations of misconduct with females.

Now, it's Brooks -- who was kicked off of the Virginia Cavaliers after his junior season. Jason Cole, formerly of the Miami Herald and now of Yahoo! Sports, reported that Brooks failed multiple drug tests while in college.

Nice job, Marvin.


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Were the Bengals the only team to even bid on him?

Wow, some people on other forums were licking his jock and saying he'd be chosen with a first or second.

I thought the Niners would snap him up with a 3rd rounder.

Oh well....


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New York Giants general manager Ernie Accorsi.

July 13, 2006 -- Of the seven players available in today's NFL supplemental draft, the most intriguing is Ahmed Brooks, a talented but troubled linebacker in whom the Giants are rumored to have keen interest.
Brooks was kicked off the University of Virginia squad last year by coach Al Groh for repeated violations of team rules, forcing Brooks to miss his entire senior season. He also missed half of his junior year with a knee injury. Still, he's considered a top talent, and is one of the only players in this summer draft virtually assured of getting selected.

Reports identify the Giants, 49ers and Dolphins as the teams most likely to pursue Brooks. Giant GM Ernie Accorsi yesterday would not confirm that interest and scoffed at the assumption Brooks is on the Giants' radar.

"It's amazing," Accorsi said. "You do your work you're paid to do, you evaluate a player, you go to their workout and either through agents or rumor mongers you've got extreme interest. I think there were 18 teams there [at Brooks' workout]. We take him to dinner because we're doing our homework and thoroughly doing our research, and that makes you interested. Forget about what we concluded, they decide we are one of the three teams with the most interest.

"Any time the guy's a decent player you're going to do a lot of work on him."

The other players available in today's draft are DE Jason Berryman (Iowa State), RB/WR Richard Washington (N.C. State), DT Marco Martin (Texas), OL Craig Berry (UConn), LB David Dixon (Hutchinson CC) and FB Ahmard Hall (Texas). Teams that are awarded players in this draft must give up the specific 2007 draft pick they bid to get the player.


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The annual Supplemental Draft unfolds today, with seven players in the mix. The most recognizable candidate is former Virginia linebacker Ahmad Brooks, who was kicked out of school following an injury-shortened 2005 season.

Considered by some scouts as one of the top linebacking prospects in years, the concern is whether Brooks can put behind him the demons that resulted in his dismissal from the Cavaliers. As one league source told us, "You don't know whether you're getting Lawrence Taylor or Lawrence Phillips."

And there continue to be concerns regarding Brooks' inability during his Pro Day workout to perform some of the running drills without specific and explicit instruction on how to do so -- even though he had been working with a trainer to get ready for the session for weeks.

There also is confusion as to the number of teams that attended the workout. We initially heard that everyone but the Bears showed up. Gil Brandt reported that everyone but the Vikings was there. Brooks' agent said that only 22 teams were present. We've since confirmed that the Bears weren't there, even though the agent claims the Bears are interested. We've also confirmed that the Vikings weren't there either, since they don't think he fits in their system and they are concerned about his history.

Now, Giants G.M. Ernie Accorsi says that only 18 teams were present.

We also continue to hear that Brooks' former coach at Virginia, Al Groh, isn't doing Brooks any favors by giving his NFL contacts bad reviews regarding the player. Moreover, Brooks has had trouble with his weight. Though he got it under control in time for his Pro Day, the crash course to drop pounds might have left him weaker for the workout than he should have been.

In the end, though, none of it will stop him from getting drafted; he's got too much potential to ignore. Our guess? He'll go in the late fourth or early fifth round. The most likely candidates are the 49ers, Dolphins, and Giants.

The fun begins at 1:00 p.m. EDT. Check back for updates as it unfolds.

>>>> All of this stuff was pilfered from profootballtalk.com


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From the article above, I'm not sure AJ even decided to make his presence known at the supplemental. Maybe he wasn't too impressed with any of them, thinking he could do better with his first day picks in 2007.


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WonderSlug said:
From the article above, I'm not sure AJ even decided to make his presence known at the supplemental. Maybe he wasn't too impressed with any of them, thinking he could do better with his first day picks in 2007.
Or whatever gets cut during roster cut downs.....


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A league source tells us that Bengals linebacker Odell Thurman has been suspended four games for violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy.

The suspension helps to explain the team's surprising decision to select linebacker Ahmad Brooks in the third round of the Supplemental Draft. However, Brooks has had his own history with banned substances; he was once arrested for possession of marijuana, and Jason Cole reported for the Miami Herald last month that Brooks failed two drug tests while at the University of Virginia.

As to Thurman, word is that he is making a conscientious effort to rectify the problem. We're told that he wants to comply with the rules and to play football. With that said, a four-game suspension is imposed only after a player has progressed through several levels of the substance abuse program, which means that the problem has been around for a while. Here's hoping that he can get on the right track, because he definitely has the talent to be a force in the NFL.

The four-game suspension takes effect after the final preseason game on September 1 at Indianapolis. He'll miss games on September 10 at Kansas City, September 17 at home against the Browns, September 24 at Pittsburgh, and October 1 at home against the Patriots.


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As league insiders continue to express shock regarding the decision of the Cincinnati Bengals to select linebacker Ahmad Brooks in the third round of the Supplemental Draft, there are now questions as to whether coach Marvin Lewis is the one making the final decisions as to personnel in the Queen City.

"I know Marvin," one league source told us, "and I can't believe this is Marvin's doing."

Added the source: "Whoever is picking the guys is f--king crazy."

Brooks, the latest link in a chain-chain-chain, chain of turds to be acquired by the Bengals, has had plenty of issues. He was kicked off of the Virginia football team. He failed at least two drug tests. He was arrested for marijuana possession. And coach Al Groh let it be known to his NFL contacts that Brooks was not a guy worthy of drafting.

In addition to the question of who's calling the shots in Cincy, there's also a question as to who's gathering the info. The Brown family is notoriously tight with the money, which explains why a franchise among the lowest in the league in revenue is also among the highest in the league in profit. As a result, the Bengals don't devote to the screening of potential draft picks the same resources that other teams expend.

Still, there are some league insiders who are convinced that, in the end, Lewis has final say, and that Lewis believes he can turn turds into treasure.

"He's got a lot of confidence in his own ability to reform," said one league source. "He's always been that way. Marvin thinks he's smarter than everyone else. That's his hubris, his tragic flaw. In the end, it could be his downfall."

Indeed, if the Bengals continue to win plenty of games and sell plenty of tickets, Marvin's moves in this regard will be overlooked. But as soon as the team tanks, blame will fall to his decision to acquire and to keep guys like Brooks and Chris Henry and A.J. Nicholson and Fahu Tahi (or is it Tahu Fahi . . . or Fahi Tahu?).


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Might mean that Lewis is pissed off enough to want out of Cincy
We could have a new head coach in 07 :yes: