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Agent: Cromartie close to signing Bolts contract


FU Spanos and Dundon
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Carpe Diem et omni Mundio
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the article mentioned as well that all day 2 picks have been signed in principle

So why the **** wasn't a press release sent out earlier?!?!?!
ChargerRay said:
It appears Antonio Cromartie might be able to keep his word and in the process become just the fourth first-round pick since 1990 to be in Chargers training camp on time.

“I feel confident a fair deal will be negotiated in a short amount of time,” said Jason Fletcher of B&F Sports, Cromartie’s agent.
This would be great to have a preseason where we're not worried about getting someone signed. It's been a while since that's happened.


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PostAnteaterCharger said:
the article mentioned as well that all day 2 picks have been signed in principle

So why the **** wasn't a press release sent out earlier?!?!?!
They did that just to piss you off ..... :)


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I understand Cro is asking for the standard %'s increases from last years #19 pick which is fair.

This deal should be done in the next day or so.

Just get it done or suffer the rath of the fans !!!:icon_twisted: :devil: :fan:


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We recently reported that the daily fines for guys under contract who fail to attend training camp will be $14,000. We're now hearing that the actual number might be a little higher.

As in $2,000 higher.

Regardless of whether the new fine amount is $14,000 or $16,000, the news comes as a surprise to most league insiders. We're told that the teams generally didn't know the amount of the fines until last week, and that the agents (and thus the players) had no idea until the information was disclosed by us.

It's also not clear whether the increase was negotiated in March, or whether it's a term that was added after the fact. The "Term Sheet" doesn't mention the fine increase, which could mean that the fine increase came later.

And if it happened that way, it wouldn't surprise us. We're told that, because the owners were so focused on the revenue sharing issue at the time the revised Collective Bargaining Agreement was being hammered out, the owners didn't realize that the terms unrelated to the funding and application of the salary cap generally favored the union. Thus, there has been pressure on the Management Council to even out the deal as talks regarding the final terms have continued.

But wasn't a deal done in March? Yes, but there's enough play in the provisions to permit ongoing discussions. Apparently, that's why there's still no new CBA with the revised terms reflected therein.


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With Raiders defensive back Michael Huff agreeing to a five-year deal as the No. 7 overall pick in the draft, the real question is whether picks No. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, and 16 will now refuse to ink six-year packages.

Under the new CBA, picks No. 1 through No. 16 may sign a rookie deal with a maximum length of six years. For picks No. 17 through 32, the longest possible duration is five years.

Browns linebacker Kamerion Wimbley signed, in essence, a six-year deal as the No. 13 overall pick. There is talk in league circles that one of the major sticking points between the Eagles and defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley, the No. 14 selection, is that the team wants a six-year deal.

Huff's contract gives plenty of ammunition for Brodrick and the others drafted after him who hope to hold firm at five years.

As one league insider told us on Monday afternoon, a sixth year is acceptable only if the player will get more than the anticipated amount of the franchise tender in the final season of the deal. "The cap will be $160 million in 5 years," opined the source, which as the cap continues to rise will serve only to drive up the franchise tender amounts.