Actor and Actress Game II

Johnny Lightning

Go Bolts
Feb 7, 2006
This is similar to the Band Name Game thread over at the UT forum, but a little different.

Don't worry if you've never seen that thread. Here are the rules:

Each post has to be the name of a known actor or actress. This actor or actress has to have a first name and a last name. So for example "Cher" wouldn't work without a last name.

When a name is posted, the next actor or actress's first name has to start with the first letter of the actor or actress's last name.

Here's a few examples:

Post 1: James Dean

Post 2: Donald Sutherland

Post 3: Sally Fields

Post 4 would have to be an actor or actress whose first name starts with the letter "F"

Get it?

Also, I don't expect everyone to go back through the whole thread, but try not to repeat names.

Ok, I'll start it off in the next post.