2015 Fantasy Draft Tips Welcome


Jul 25, 2013
Thought we could all share any fantasy tips on here....Im joining a 10 team none PPR league on NFL.com and have been doing a ton of mock drafts and thought id share some things i thought could help some of my Charger brothers...Well everyone seems to draft based only off of player rankings and I keep seeing these 4 players not even make it on any teams who i believe are a steal. WR Michael Floyd , WR Larry Fitzgerald, TE Jason Witten and our own WR Stevie Johnson. Floyd and Fitzgerald got that shaft in week 10 (I believe it was) due to Palmers injury. They are so far on the bottom of the list I've been able to grab them every mock draft with my very last picks. With Palmer coming back I think they are a great deal for last picks! Jason Witten is low on the TE rankings but to grab him late is another awesome deal cause you can grab better RB and WR's in earlier rounds and pretty much count on him waiting for you late in the draft. That leaves me with Stevie Johnson who I believe will be a sleeper this year. You can count on him waiting for you as well on your last pick... In my opinion he is a hell of a lot better than a ton of guys that are ranked above him, he obviously had a QB who stinks at passing last year so he is drafted very low. Well I was board so i figured id try and share some tips I believe can help you guys! Hope you kick some ass in your Fantasy Football this year! My team name :"MorNin WoodHeaD Seein ThEm TD's"


Sep 8, 2010
The 760
Nice bro. Even though I did a lot of research I don't have a lot to add because my league is completely different in terms of scoring, rosters size and IDPs as every other league out there so my draft strategy was VERY very unorthodox. I ended up with what I think will be a great team though but my players are somewhat injury prone so I'm pretty wary of that.


Lone Wolf
Apr 10, 2010
My team name this year my first go at the plan words thing:


Yahoo 12 team ppr flex and I'm pickin 6th and tonight is our draft.
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