1. Concudan

    Casey Hayward locks down receivers, selected as PFF's top coverage defender Two years ago, we saw one truly loaded free agent classes among cornerbacks in recent memory. Trumaine Johnson kicked...
  2. G

    Chargers - to LA

    As a fan based in LA I feel really conflixted about this know we only played in LA for a year in 1960 so I feel San Diego is the real home for the Chargers but on a personal note I wouldn't have to drive so far...
  3. G

    Power Rankings - down to 31 in the power rankings this week... guess it's just not our season. at least a top 5 draft pick should help us defensively...
  4. G

    Power Rankings What does everyone make of this week's power rankings? Good to see us moving up a few places!
  5. G

    Power Rankings - as a UK based NFL fan could someone please explain to me how this Power Rankings system works? We don't have anything like it over here.