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  1. Concudan

    Casey Hayward locks down receivers, selected as PFF's top coverage defender

    https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-casey-hayward-selected-as-pffs-top-coverage-defender?utm_content=bufferdbba8&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=nfl Two years ago, we saw one truly loaded free agent classes among cornerbacks in recent memory. Trumaine Johnson kicked...
  2. G

    Chargers - to LA

    As a fan based in LA I feel really conflixted about this http://www.realsport101.com/realsport-roundtable-should-the-chargers-move-to-la/ know we only played in LA for a year in 1960 so I feel San Diego is the real home for the Chargers but on a personal note I wouldn't have to drive so far...
  3. G

    Power Rankings

    http://www.realsport101.com/nfl-power-rankings-wild-card-chasers-rise-as-new-england-fall-out-of-top-3-after-week-13/ - down to 31 in the power rankings this week... guess it's just not our season. at least a top 5 draft pick should help us defensively...
  4. G

    Power Rankings

    http://realsport101.com/nfl-power-rankings-a-new-1-after-a-big-week-12-sees-changes-across-the-rankings/ What does everyone make of this week's power rankings? Good to see us moving up a few places!
  5. G

    Power Rankings

    http://www.realsport101.com/nfl-week-11-power-rankings-blowouts-and-upsets-lead-to-big-changes/ - as a UK based NFL fan could someone please explain to me how this Power Rankings system works? We don't have anything like it over here.