1. Concudan

    Casey Hayward locks down receivers, selected as PFF's top coverage defender Two years ago, we saw one truly loaded free agent classes among cornerbacks in recent memory. Trumaine Johnson kicked...
  2. AnteaterRaider

    San Diego makes it's final offer to the Chargers Key Part: The City of San Diego, along with the county and San Diego State, has made what the Chargers believe is their final collective offer. Significantly, the Chargers believe that money is...
  3. A

    New Chargers stadium proposal

    Hi everyone- I am researcher with the University of Louisville and I am collecting data on the San Diego Chargers proposed stadium project up for vote next week. I am conducting this study as a part of my dissertation research, which is examining voter attitudes and perceptions of the Chargers...
  4. G

    Chargers - to LA

    As a fan based in LA I feel really conflixted about this know we only played in LA for a year in 1960 so I feel San Diego is the real home for the Chargers but on a personal note I wouldn't have to drive so far...
  5. G

    Power Rankings - Big changes in the Power Rankings this week although not the best viewing for us Chargers fans:(
  6. G

    Draft 2016

    If we stay in this position in the draft order who should be looking to get / where should we be looking to strengthen?
  7. G

    Power Rankings - down to 31 in the power rankings this week... guess it's just not our season. at least a top 5 draft pick should help us defensively...
  8. G

    Power Rankings What does everyone make of this week's power rankings? Good to see us moving up a few places!
  9. British Bolts

    British Bolts

    Evening guys! I've been watching the NFL since I had access to AFN in Berlin in the 80s. I confess to not having a team until we visited San Diego in 2009. The Chargers make a perfect fit in relation to my soccer team Sheffield Wednesday. A huge amount of potential but both teams can often...