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  1. RandyJR

    Should I even wear my Rivers jersey anymore??

    I was so skeptical about buying it last year because I still felt a bond with Brees and didnt like the way Rivers played his first 2 years and that the previous 2 he got lucky with the big man Jackson but I did go out and spend the money on the only jersey for a player I felt like the Chargers...
  2. RandyJR

    Welp... Thats about it...

    One thing you can say about the league this year is the amount of unorthodox bs thats going on... Its hard being a Charger fan.. Im so glad I have fantasy football to distract me but like many weeks, I lost in that as well. FML SMH PLZ WIN!!!
  3. RandyJR

    Yesterday was my one year anniversary...

    for being a part of Bolt Talk. Ive said it before and Ill say it again, I feel comfortable here with you guys and love to zone out and listen to the podcasts (sometimes twice cuz im so zoned) anyways, this site is kinda like my Chargers chicken soup.. goes down easy and makes me feel good...
  4. RandyJR

    Should I have bet on the Bolts to win the Superbowl?

    I was in Vegas a couple weeks ago and didnt pull the trigger. I guess my 20 dollars is worth more to me now but it sure wouldve been fun to have some hope... By the way, I STILL GOT HOPE!!
  5. RandyJR

    An Involved Offseason

    This year I plan on being very aware of the NFL offseason and taking more note of the trades, acquisitions and the draft. Im going to give this team 100 percent this year.
  6. RandyJR

    Am I missing something?

    I cant seem to get a streaming audio for the podcast... Have you started the show yet? Or should I just be patient? Cuz to tell you the truth, Im hooked!! You guys put together a great show! :tup:
  7. RandyJR

    Im going to Dallas this weekend...

    recently moved to san antonio and the first thing i wanted to do was watch the chargers play dallas this upcoming weekend. after i get over the awe of that enormous stadium, ill be cheering on our bolts and booing romo anytime he snaps that ball... I hate that guy.