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  1. ThunderHorse17

    What are you watching

    Ok it's over half over now but on Fox right now is the new Cosmos series with Niel Degrasse Tyson.... And its been more entertaining and informative at the same time than another tv spectacle to come. So far it's been about a Jewish chemist in Germany leading up to WW1 and how he conned the...
  2. ThunderHorse17

    College Game Day Thread

    I was watching the Oklahoma k State game up to the last 5 minutes but I left. I was gonna ask if they pulled off the 21 point defecit and won vs #3 Sooners, but the halftime show just highlighted it. It was a good second half. K state just dominated the rest of the game. So when a top 10...
  3. ThunderHorse17

    Swampthing Thread

    I know I've been looking forward to this TV series since I heard about it earlier this year. Swamp Thing was one of my original comic book super hero favorites and I didn't even know he was a comic book hero or property of DC comics! Long story short I grew up preferring marvel to DC. Even...
  4. ThunderHorse17

    m.o.p.o.r.t. My Own Personal Opinion Rant Thread

    Just came up with the idea, but it's late for me to be feeling the rant moment. I had several responses to other posters and also watching tonight's 9 o clock news, I had a few I gotta let my rant be known moments. But I refrain as it's not as if what I was gonna say was gonna produce a new...
  5. ThunderHorse17

    XFL Week 3

    So I keep forgetting that XFL games are on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I got home today at my usual time and as usual there's a game on. Houston roughness at TB green dogs (I've renamed them to more make their uniform colors make sense) and the last 5 minutes of the first half was pretty...
  6. ThunderHorse17

    2019 Fantasy Football thread

    Any takers on a yahoo league? Any case I got forced to auto draft on ESPN because I couldn't get the app to open, so I set my picks up and at least I didn't get too screwed. Also found out on draft day yesterday that we were only playing with 8 teams. And I thought 10 teams was easy because...
  7. ThunderHorse17

    What are you driving?

    Just wondering what everyone's driving. I got my forest green 98 Frontier which will be paid off in july. But might be trading it in as I need to drop 1500 or so in vital part repairs. Looking for a photo but can't find one of it clean lol.
  8. ThunderHorse17

    AAF Week 2 Power Rankings

    Looks like more and more sports sites are tasking writers with writing about AAF fantasy football. Good sign that things are still on the rise for the fledgling league...
  9. ThunderHorse17

    Un-Happy Anniversary!!

    To the death of the San Diego Chargers. R.i.p. Fudean
  10. ThunderHorse17

    2018 fantasy football Thread

    Not sure where to post about nfl fantasy football, but I got involved in the jobs fantasy league. We are drafting next sunday. I got a new first time draft position when I ended up with the 2nd pick. Been used to picking dead last before, but never this close to the top. Lol Anyone else...
  11. ThunderHorse17

    It's not a GameDay thread Thread

    Well I'm sitting in front of arrowhead, and I still don't see a GameDay thread... So fvck it I make one. Go Chiefs! !! I have 4 times watched the chargers lose in KC. Here's to a 5th performance.
  12. ThunderHorse17

    NFL Through Week 4 Shows Massive Loss of Viewers Among All Ethnicities

    NFL Through Week 4 Shows Massive Loss of Viewers Among All Ethnicities Felt like a thread. I'm still reading it.
  13. ThunderHorse17

    Is the NFL that pussified?

    Ok I just got a chance to tune into chi @GB game and it's delayed??? For what bad weather? ? Wtf has happened to the NFL? What ever happened to playing through ice rain snow?? Let me guess lightning has delayed yet another game. Sigh Makes me wonder why we played in back to back games of...
  14. ThunderHorse17

    NFL retort to Trump vitriol

    Good read. Freedom is freedom. As in if you want you are free to be dumb. Don't tread on me and the like. Wish we could fire trumps ass. Get him the hell out of there! And who gives a shot about a millionaire calling other lesser millionaires, who are proven better Men than said big...
  15. ThunderHorse17

    Get your gamble on

    Looks like KC is goin down!
  16. ThunderHorse17

    The truth revealed about Eli

    Archie Manning gives details on why Eli refused to play for the Chargersby John Breech15h ago • 3 min read It's been 12 years since the San Diego Chargers made Eli Manning the No. 1 overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft, and to this day, not much is known about why Manning refused to play in San...
  17. ThunderHorse17

    2016 Fantasy Football

    Well 3 for 3 and 3 third place finishes. I'm at it more insanely early than last year when I had 2 leagues the first of which I joined in may and forgot to draft. BUT I did get KA until his very unfortunate injury ended his claim on sole possession of most catches in a game. I'll be doin my...
  18. ThunderHorse17

    Most deserving of a ring Chargers

    Ok so this ha!s been a thought rolling around in my head for years so why not see who else everyone thinks merits a ring before their time is up. Way back when we pulled Chris chambers out of the doldrums that was the dolphins I was very hopeful we could get him a ring in the end of his career...
  19. ThunderHorse17

    MU Tigers goin to the bowl!!

    Yay my tigers did it! We stopped Jonny Manzel. AND to top it off in amazing fashion Auburn takes the opposite place and gives us a much more winnable game vs them. YAAY!!!
  20. ThunderHorse17

    Week 1 Picks

    Granted that im a little slow to the chuck wagon, lets lay out some nostradamus picks. As long as I can get to a pc to post, I will post my weekly picks. So to be truthful, I went on pure instinct and picked the Ravens on TNF. ANYTHING can happen on Thursday games jus check out your local...