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    Is McCoy out for sure?

    ive read articles stating he's a lame duck but then listen to stories where they say Denver is do or die for McCoy? So which is it? Has telesco confirmed anything? I listened to someone suggesting Tom Coughlin coming here, that would be great in my opinion but I guess his whole family is on...
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    Chargers 2016 Season Record Predictions

    Let's hear your season prediction with Week 1 upon us and the last pre season game finished. SEPTEMBER 2016 Sep 11 Sunday 10am Chargers at Chiefs - L Sep 18 Sunday 1:25pm Jaguars vs. Chargers - W Sep 25 Sunday 1:25pm Chargers at Colts - W OCTOBER 2016 Oct 2 Sunday 1:25pm Saints vs. Chargers -...
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    Figured out where Dean Spanos has been hiding

    Our believed liege... Has been busy ruling France....makes more sense than I want to believe
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    Chargers gathering Signatures on Saturday In East Village, hopefully parking doesn't suck... I might just ride my bike. Or fill up my van. They should have a free shuttle to make it easy to get there. Got most of my neighbors...
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    What if before the season I told you brown YPC>Gordon's

    What would you say?
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    10-6, 9-7 and win AFC west

    What am I smoking? Nothing... I think the west is looking shakey and despite our gross record we can still take it from the donkeys. As long as we don't play down to the raiders.... This might be one of those annoying seasons where we squeak in by dominating our own division. Ok discuss...
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    We've had the secret to stop our pass rush all our Roster (video)

    Hey guys, I know it's doom and gloom, we just signed two new, not bad. At least we see some moves, right? Let's be honest, we've had this gem under our nose the whole time, let's unleash him on defenses and watch him stuff the blitz and save our hero PR17 Watch his pass protection...
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    raiders giving it to the ravens

    everyone wrote them off as the worst team in the NFL I hate the raiders, but wow
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    Fantasy Week 2 - Picks , help!

    Hey guys, so I got Big Ben and Palmer as my QB's in a 6 point TD league... who do you take, Palmer against the bears on the road , or Ben against the 49ers at home? It seems like a 50/50 coin flip. I didn't watch the bears game, but I think Ben might show up at home and get which...
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    Chargers vs. Lions - Predictions

    I've been scouring the internets for predictions...mostly everywhere has it look like a coin toss with the Chargers getting the edge due to the Lion's rather weak record on the road. I have a habit of always tracking down the opposing sides forum and seeing what they have to say. Looks like...